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Helllooooooo Guys and thank u so much for the wonderful response and the love that ur continuously showering on me and hope u love me the same way…..
So Thanks to Phoniex, Sneha, Madhu.r, Sus, Romaisa, Shan di, Kumu, AnuAnn, Somya, Anniya, Mannu,Vanisha, Febi, Manu di , mica, sri ,naughty smile, anu, seebu.s, Soujanya,Shara, ritu,SNY, a,meera_s, neha and Sri(my little devil)…..This is my highest no. of comments…

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Many of u are worried about Swara’s behaviour so u’ll get to know about it soon till then enjoy the story….

***In MM***
Arnav was sitting in front of Swara and expecting her to speak up but Swara was just staring at the floor and then slowly tears started forming its way from her eyes….. Till then Ap and Dp also came there…. Seeing her tears Arnav immediately cupped her face and made her look at him…
Arnav:(cupping her face)Doll….. Look I’m sorry…. I’ll tell u everything….
(He tells her everything except for the thing which Maasi told them)
Khushi:Baby Doll….Plz talk something na… We are very sorry but we did all this for u….. PLzzzz…
Swara:(hugs her and cries vigorously)Its ok Bhabhi….
Arnav:(confused and worried)Princess…..
Swara:(avoids eye contact)Its alright Bhaiya…….
Listening to Bhaiya everyone was shocked specially Arnav because he knew shhe never called him Bhaiya even if she was angry….
Arnav:(again cups her face)Gudiya…. R u angry on ur Bhaiyu…. If so I’m ready for any punishment but plz don’t be silent….
Swara:(looks at him at fakes a smile)No Bhaiya I know u did all this for me na…(removes his hand and to Ap)Maa….I’ll make coffee for everyone…
Without waiting for any reply she went from there….
Ap:But Swara doesn’t know to make coffee….
Dp:May be she is upset with everyone…..
Arnav:No uncle there is something more because even if she is angry she never calls me anything other than Bhaiyu but today for the first time she called me Bhaiya and I’m scared … (chokes at the end)….
Khushi:(consoles Arnav)Arnav just give her sometime….She’ll be fine…
Sanskar:I think I should go and see her….(everyone nods)

Sanskar goes to the kitchen only to find Swara sitting on the floor clutching her knees and crying … Seeing her in such state Sanskar immediately rushed to her and cups her face and Swara immediately hugs him and cries more loudly….. Sanskar was just carressing her hair but all of a sudden he felt Swara’s weight on himself and he was shocked to find her unconsicous… He immediately picked her up and moved towards the room and all were shocked seeing Swara unconsicous and Arnav started panicking and tears started flowing fom his eyes….
Arnav:Gudiya…..Sanskar what has happened????Princess…..
Sanskar:Dad plz call the doctor….Arnav she fainted….

Arnav sat beside her and Sanskar on the other side…. Both were restless seeing her in such state….Soon the doctor arrived but arnav didn’t leave her hand and Sanskar moved so that doctor could check her….
Sanskaar:Doctor….Why did she faint????
Doctor:Sanskar she has fainted because of shock….I’m giving some medicines plz give her it on time and keep her away from stress and keep her happy….
Arnav:(shocked)Its all because of me…. I’m behind my Doll’s condition….
Khushi:(cups his face)Arnav relax ….Maybe because of sudden revealation she is just stressed out…
Ap:Yes beta and now we should try to make Swara happy….
Sanskar:Yes Arnav we should plan something to make her normal….
Dp:Now come everyone rest and however tomorrow we should get our naughty Swara back in mode…..
Ap:Arnav Khushi u also stay here….
Khushi:Ok Aunty….Come Arnav….
Arnav:No I’ll be with Gudiya….
Khushi:(looks at Sanskar)Arnav ,Sanskar is there with Swaru…(squezes his hand)
Arnav:(understands)Okay and btw I have to plan a surprise for my Doll….
Arnav kisses Swara’s forehead and all leave the room and then Sanskar also goes and holds Swara’s hand kisses her forehead and sleeps beside her while caressing her hair lovingly…
Okay sorry for the short update but could only manage this…. sorry if it was boring and give me ur feedback…
Precap:Sanav surprise….
Reason behind Swara’s behaviour….

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  1. Awesome dear… Post soon

  2. Madhu.r

    i wish to have a elder brother you made me cry today

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  4. Abirsha

    Nope dr u Didn’t bore me at all…. Its amazing…. I loved it

  5. Awesome dear kiddoo

  6. Awesome

  7. Awesome my dear kiddoo

  8. Mahisha

    Just now read both the chapters
    Its amazing
    Congo for completing 50 parts
    Continue soon

  9. Wow loved it

  10. Nagamanasa

    Awesome praju…pls post next one soon…

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  12. awesome dear…post asap…pls?

  13. Mica

    prajuuuuu.. it’s too shoort!! huaaaaaa

  14. SNY

    Awesome praju…..loved it♡♡♡♡Nxt one soon….!!

  15. Naughty smile

    Please pst asap….pls…cant wait more…pleechhh…pleech… ?…you will na…

  16. Sri

    Ohooo di
    Its not at all boring
    In fact it is awesome
    Chotu hai par chalega
    Next time give bigger episode OK na
    Abb jaldi se next part dena
    Warna e little devil?? will haunt u

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