Bandhan 9th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 9th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahesh says now even God can’t save your brother vishwaas rao. his punishment will be double due to betraying police.

Next morning ganesh wakes darpan up. sHe says whats the problem ganesh. He is asking her to come out and play with her. Darpan has brought a cap for him. Darpan says we have to study. I will teach you everything. Where is my uniform? ganesh shows her. She says look, is this good? I will wear this. What will you wear? We have to make uniform for you too. Basant says he needs tent. He says your uniform looks good dapran. Darpan says me and ganesh will go to school. Basant says this fatty will go to school? What will he do? He will become doctor? Basant says what will you bring lunch? Darpan says no don’t talk about food. He has to study.

Basant says to prabha darpan is taking Mahesh to school as well. Prabha says to Mahesh what will happen? She will ask to take ganesh to school. we have to don something. Ganesh brings a basket and gives it to bassnt He says you can’t go school. You will stay home. Only humans go home. Ganesh is angry. Basant says I can’t pack your box. Darpan says why are you not packing his box basant kaka? darpan says I told you what to put in our boxes. She says mom look he is not making basnt’s box. Prabha says yeah I will ask him to. Prabha says get ready we have t go to temple too. Darpan says oh yeah. Prabha says you have to tell her that she can’t take him to school. Mahesh says ganesh will be hurt too. Prabha say how will we make then understand.

Scene 2
Vishwas rao is in temple he is dancing like crazy. He falls on the floor. He says this is too much God. what you did for me till now? I asked you to help dev, did you? Mahesh is coming with his family to temple. Prabha and Mahesh go to bring some sweets. Mahesh asks ganesh to take care of darpan. Bha says you alwys take from me never return me. You took my brother from me. You never helped me. You have to do something this time. Darpan is outside washing ganesh’s feet. Bhao says give me the right key to stop that ranger. DArpan is going towards the temple. He says I do the friendship from heart and I take like when It comes to revenge. what you want friendship or revenge? Darpan and ganehs bow to stairs of temple. Ganesh stops darpan from going in. Bhao says you have to do this for me. darpan says whats wrong ganehs. she goes in. Bhao starts counting. Bha says yeah I got to know. I will do ups and downs for you. he says my friend ganesh listen to me always. Darpan comes in she laughs at Vishwas rao. He turns back. darpan is still laughing at him. He says why are you laughing? Darpan says who talks to God like that? He says did I make a mistake? darpan says yeah you did. He says that’s why he doesn’t listen to me. He sits down and cries. He says I made a mistake what should I do now. Darpan sits with him and says why are you crying? its won’t make anything better. My dad says tears just clear the eyes not the problem. He says yeah your dad is right. Darpan saus God will listen to you if you talk to him properly. He says why won’t I get angry when he doesn’t listen to me. She says he always listens to me. He is my best friend. God is everyone’s best friend. He listens to everything I say. He says really? She says yeah I can bet. He says okay. darpan says if I win you will get me chocolate. He says you will get me sweets. darpan says God yoi have to listen him. its about my chocolate now. I will give you one bite as well. Ganesh is outside.

Precap-Bhao says whats the name of your dad? She says his name is baba. Mahesh and prabha look fro darpan. She goes to them and says come and meet my new friend.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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