Bandhan 9th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 9th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bhao says we have no deficiency of food, start putting on the balance. they start putting food but it doesn’t balance. bhao and his men are dazed. Bhao says what is the problem God? I have never seen it before. why doesn’t the balance move. Bhao’s man says all the crops are over in warehouse. bhao says go to the other warehouse, its about my dignity now. darpan looks and smiles at ganiya. Daprna puts a sweet on the balance and it balances. ganiya says more than a lot of crops a sweet with real heart is move heavy. He vanishes. bhao says where is he gone. he starts looking for ganiya.

Ganiya comes and says were you looking for me? bhao says tell me who you are. ganiya says my mom says when the well of sins in full its brings flood, your well of sins has also filled. Bhao says tell me who has sent you and asked you to do this drama. He says i came her to teach you, your end is near vishwas rao. bhao takes out gun and says i will kill you. he shoots, everyone come and is shocked. ganiiya is no where. Everyone ask vishwas roa why did he shoot? He says just to celebrate.

Ganiya comes to darpan and says fire of revenge burns everything. just think if you want justice or revenge? If you want to end evil its the seeds of good will. darpan says i feel like i have met your before, ganya says yes we met and i promised you whenever you need me i will be there, maybe the answers you are looking for are in front of you. a man comes to the wedding with his face covered, darpan looks at him and ganiya vanishes, darpan says what was he saying? and who is that man coming? Bhao also sees the man, he follows him. The man is dev. bhao is dazed to see him. bhao says dev go from here. Darpan recalls dev, she says he knows vishwas rao is a bad man then why is he with him ? She follows dev and bhao. some women stop her in the wedding. bhao says dev why you came here? you know its risky. what if someone sees you. dev says people don’t see dead, no one sees the one with no importance. you know i am alive but like dead. bhao says i know it and you know it but not the world then why create this drama. bhao says who burnt that factory? I wanna see the face of the person who brunt it. who dared to become my enemy. people think 100 times before messing with me. you will find who did this. darpan goes forward to think about it. Dev says i can tell easily. bhao says you have to do this. Bhao sees darpan in a car’s mirror. when he looks back she hides. Bhao says i think ria is near, we shouldn’t talk here. He takes her in the car, ria tries to chase them but falls.

Precap-dev says once i get that elephant i will know my partner. Dev sees ganesh and points a gun on him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Man,just bring out RAO sins out.Expose that criminal and end his wicked days.Also instead of shooting the elephant let him turn the gun on his w icked ,conniving behind.A wicked person is always afraid of their end.

  2. like I said before this show needs to end it started off well and escalated into a whole lot of shit

  3. So dev is back evil again?

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