Bandhan 8th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 8th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Darpan gives bananas to ganesh. Darpan says ai used to give me almonds to make me sharp, I will get you some too. Its time for your medicine. She takes out the medicine and says drink it. you will be fine soon if you have this regularly. She is about to pour out the medicine. A rat comes and darpan drops the medicine. Darpan says what you did rat. She says what will I do now ganesh. What medicine should I give you? bhao comes in and sees the medicine on floor. darpan says see uncle. bhao says don’t worry, darpan says I bought two bottles. Let me check in cupboard. Bhao says in heart you are safe this time.

Naraini is looking for darpan in store room. She says come out food is ready. She collides with a box. She sees Raghav’s birth certificate. SHe says raghav dad is vishwas rao? no mom’s name? if he is an orphan why is his dad’s name Vishwas rao? meethi has no kids. My son was born dead then who is his mom? I have to find this out. Darpan is teaching ganesh he picks the right letters. Darpan is happy. darpan says you will learn to write soon. Lets go to sleep now.

DArpan lies on bed and scream with pain. Bhao comes and says why you screamed? Darpan says my bed is wet. Bhao says I did this deliberately so you will sleep away from ganesh. bhao says sleep in pinky’s room for tonight. Pinky says I wont let her. bhao says I asked you to, darpan says ganesh I will sleep in her room. You have to sleep alone tonight. darpan leaves. bhao says you will sleep there and wake up but your bro wont wake up. Bhao comes with an injection in ganesh’s room. He says this medicine will kill him. Bhao is about to inject it but ganesh wakes up. Bhao drops it and gets scared. Bhao says if you hurt me I will complain your sister. I came here to kill you so you cant tell about me to your sister. Whoever know about me has to die. Bhao takes the crushed injection because darpan is coming and is about to run out. DArapn says what are you doing here uncle? bhao says I came here to check. Ganesh was shaking. look how he is screaming. Darpan says I will take care of him. I should sleep here. Bhao says If you mess with me ganesh you will pay for it. darpan sleeps in her bed and ganesh goes to his place too.

Naraini comes to bhao. Bhao says what you want now? Naraini says how is your name in this birth certificate? how is raghav your son? Meethi and you have no kids. bhao syas am I in court and you are judge? I am not accountable to you. Naraini says you will have to answer when your family asks. Let me calls meethi. Bhao grasps her phone. Naraini says scared now? If you don’t tell me truth I will tell your wife. how is your name in this certificate? Who is raghav? Who is her mom? tell me or I am going downstairs. Bhao holds her hand. Bhao says okay listen, raghav is my son and you are his mom. Naraini is dazed and shocked.

Precap-Darpan says ganesh I will teach youb how to write. ganesh recalls I wont let you tell darpan all this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. it is about time that bhao is caught he is a wicked person and he is getting away toooooooo much with his evil doings I hope that ganesh crushes him for his evil doings and I hope Mahesh comes back to claim his daughter and son ganesh and he can get married to naraini and let it be that his wife comes back in narainis body and they live happily ever after

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