Bandhan 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 8th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Constable says to bhao you have been bailed you can come out. Bhao goes out and says to his men no one came from house to take me? not even my wife? His man tells him everything. Bhao says that duplicate is trying to ruin my life? i will ruin hers.

Raghav is with darpan. Darpan says as much as i know him, he wont let his family go. He will get them in his net. Raghav says i wont let it happen. Darpan says did we make a mistake by involving them? raghav says they had to be involved and they are all on our side. darpan says he would do something when he comes out.

Bhao goes to a magician lady, she sees the devi when she thinks about darpan. She says she is not from this world. She is very powerful. you have to get the control or she will ruin you. Bhao says i know just tell me if she is darpan’s soul or what? Mahamai says she is something else. you have no idea whom you have messed up with. its not easy to control I need some time to prepare. Bhao says i am ready to give you as much money and time.

Bhao gives guns to his men, one says how can we.. your family.. Bhao says you have to do this. you have to abduct them. If i abduct the family mahamai will get time to do her work. Bhao reaches the house and sees ganesh standing on the gate. bhao says don’t shoot him, he hit you all last time. Bhao says i am sending them all. Bhao says to ganehs i will surrender in front of my family i can’t live without my family. Let me go. Ganesh points at his gun. Bhao throws is away and says it was for protection. Ganesh lets him go in.

Meethji says to pinky and sanju we should leave, we wont stay here anymore. Bhao comes in. He says to meethi i want to say something. The one lost in morning comes back at the evening. i don’t beg anyone but i beg you, i made a mistake. I will accept whatever cops punish me. Bhao says if you are mad at me slap me. meethi says please stop it. He says i deserve it. I request you till i am here please don’t leave me alone. You spent whole life with me. cant you give me one more day? bhao says to pinky if i ever did one good thing to you in whole life please give me one day. He goes to sanju, sanju doesn’t look at him. Bhao says you are my tiger i beg you for one day. Meethi says okay i gave you one day, you have 24 hours but after that i wont stay here for one moment. Bhao says you idol of generosity. Darpan and raghav come home. Meethi says we have given him one day after tgat he will accept all his crimes. was i wrong? Everyone deserves a second chance and he is my husband. darpan says its okay meethi maa. Raghav is so mad, he leaves. Ragav goes to his room in anger, he says second chance? I don’t why they are doing this, darpan says waht are you doing? Raghav says what you people did? That man deceived everyone, he killed my mom and how can we live with him under one roof. darpan says raghav please.

SAnju says to pinky we wont stay here for one moment. we are both going from here and thats final. If they want to come they can. pinky says that man gave you so much love, protection and money all his life. he was never bad for you, the same man is begging for one day can’t you give him a chance? raghav says meethi maa is his wife but you? you know his reality. He can harm us in one day. darpan says no one knows him better than me. He is the culprit but how will we prove it? There is something good in every evil. I think he should get this chance. Raghav says okay 24 hours.

Sanju says i can’t give him any chance not after what he did to kajri and dev. Meethi says we have to save someone. darpan says we have to save the daughter of dev and kajri. We have to get her out. raghav says where is she? how will we know that. darpan says don;t worry i know who can tell us.

Precap-raghav says i am asking you who is father who gave me birth? Are you my dad or not? Bhao says please slow down the car we will die.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. writers hurry and end this serial you know what I would like to know is when darpan was small meethi and the other woman who use to teach darpan was also evil to darpan how come now darpan is all grown up meethi is sooooooooooo nice and caring to her and ganesh what made the change see what I mean these writers just writing anything without thinking but we the viewers keep track of every thing written in each script like I said end this serial now no substance

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