Bandhan 6th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 6th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prabha comes out, she sees shaku in miserable condition. She is resented and says who did this. Ganesh comes to her. Prabha says what is this ganesh? I have to call baba. Basant says I think ganesh is trying to tell you something. Ganesh goes to the ground. ganesh holds darpan’s arm in a way so everyone can see the red scar. Prabha sees it. She looks at shaku and says how this happened darpan? Who did this to you? did your ma’am hit you? Shaku says I never hit kids. What are you saying. Do you feel like I can beat a child. Prabha says tell me how this happened? Darpan is in tears. Prabha says don’t be scared. Did she hit you with a stick? Darpan hugs her, she is crying hard. DArpan says she hit me with a stick and she pinched me yesterday. She said that she will give poisonous chocolate to ganesh. Shaku says darpan makes a lot of stories. why would I give poisonous chocolate to ganesh? Loo I am eating this chocolate I will die if eat it. She eats it. Prabha says stop it. Teacher is more like parents. what will you teach my daughter you should me ashamed to touch the books. prabha says go out right now. Shaku says she is lying. Prabha says I am asking you to leave. Ganesh moves forward. Shaku runs out of fear. She says I will see everyone Shaku runs. Darpan claps and laughs. She says thank you ganesh. Prabah says why didn’t you tell me. she says I told you but you didn’t listen. Prabha says I made a mistake. Darpan says I am so angry with you. I will never study from a teacher. I will never listen to you. She runs.

Scene 2
Bhao’s men are smuggling animals’ skin in idols. He stops a worker and says why are you not working? He says bhao I am sorry. he is very scared. Bhao says God I my partner. he is my friend. He says God you have to get my son out of jail. He takes a garland of currency notes and puts it on the idol. He says this is business God. People says you give them without asking for anything but business is based on give and take. Look what have I brought for you. Sweets and this garland. And there is one bomb. You are my business partner after all. This entire game is about give and take.

Scene 3
Prabha tells Mahesh everything. She is crying. she says ganesh told me everything he saved her from that teacher. Don’t what she would have done to her. Mahesh says you didn’t do anything wrong. Prabha says she is bugged with me she said she will not study anymore. Mahesh says she said that in anger. od you trust me? She says yes. Mahesh says then I will handle her and you bring me the food.

Prabha is reading a poem about her brother. She my brother is the best. She is in tears. Mahesh is listening to her. He adds to her poem. She says brother stood by with ganesh and told everyone how a brother should be like. Mahesh says I am really sorry please pardon us. This will never happen again or we will be punished. Darpan is still angry. She throws her book away.

Precap-Mahesh says until you don’t ask me that you want to study not one will force you. darpan says yay I will never have to study. prabha says what kind of promise is that Mahesh? She will never study from now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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