Bandhan 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
bhao does the pooja. he bows down and ganesh sees his tattoo. Bhao says my best friend take the Prasad. Naraini says give me first. Shaku says why you? Naraini says because I ma the guest here and guests are like God, so I deserve to get it first. She takes and gives some to darpan. Ganesh screams. He throws away the plate of Prasad. Darpan says what are you doing? you will get Prasad as well. Darpan says where are you going? Bhao says he is your younger brother he got mad when I gave you parsad first, I will make you another one.

Ganesh looks at the news paper. He recalls Mahesh and prabha dying. He breaks bhao’s photo frame and takes the picture. He rolls it in news paper and takes it back to the garden. He goes to darpan. The picture flies from the paper. Darpan says ganesh why you threw it away. The picture goes in pool. DArpan says ai baba said never say no to Prasad. He holds her hand and shows her the paper. DArpan reads it but cant find anything. She says came to show me this? this is ravan’s photo. ganesh takes out the photo from the pool. Darpan can’t see the face because its all wet. darpan says I cant see anything? Are you calling someone ravan? ganesh says yes. Ganesh takes darpan in Bhao is with him gun. He hides it when he se shaku and meethi. DArpan says who is ravan in this house? Shaku says bha I wanna talk to you. Bhao says I have somewhere important to go. DArpan says I know shaku and meethi are the ravan here. I have decided we wont live here.

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Bhao comes to naraini and points the gun to her head. He says stop this drama in my house after 10 years. You are trying to scare me? I am the king of Dalma. He says I will shoot you all 6 of them. Naraini smiles and says I am not scared of you neither of this toy. You can scare the world with this but not me. She says you can’t take out my soul, you killed it 10 years ago. I am not scared of death anymore. Bhao says f I shoot you, you will know what pain is. Everyone in house ins scared of me. Don’t mess with me. I am very dangerous. No drama in my house. Stop this acting, you will have to leave this house. Naraini says like you left me? 10 years ago your ruined my life. Do you remember it? Naraini says why are you looking out? Are you scared? She says I trusted you and I didn’t know that you are married. I considered you ram but you were a ravan. you married me just to use me and then left me alone. You broke my house. my dreams. My child died because of you. She says the revenge of time always comes where it starts from. Naraini is in front of you so I can seek revenge. You ruined my life and you will pay for it. Pay for death of my child. I shall seek revenge. Shaku comes there. SHe is shocked. She says in heart very interesting. God is gave me a secret without any effort. Lets see what I do now.

Scene 2
Darpan says ganesh wake up. We have to go. she says lets go before someone comes. Why are you sitting lets go? Bhao says where are you going? Darpan is shocked. Ganesh comes to him and shoves him, darpan says why you shoved him? Bhao syas no problem. He is a kid. Whats the confusion? where are you going? darpan says no where. I wasn’t sleepy I wanted to go out and play. Bhao says God made day to play and night to sleep. Darpan nods. Bhao says don’t think about playing now. Play in the morning. Let me make you sleep. He puts a blanket on ganesh. Ganesh takes it from him and shoves him again. darpan says why are you doing this? he is so nice. Say sorry to him. Bhao says let it go. I feel like he is angry, darpan wonders whats wrong with him. Bhao says good night and sorry in his behalf. darpan says whats wrong ganesh? ANd we will run from here.

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  1. you know what I find stupid about this soap an elephant have to do all searching to bring bao to justice why on earth both Mahesh and his wife had to die without Mahesh getting the chance to prove his innocence and leaving his young daughter to live with a man like bao and his dysfunctional family I feel sorry for darpan writers please let Mahesh come back as no one really saw what happened when he fell but please do something to change darpans life

  2. I totally agree

  3. they are making the elephant do all the work.though its a story but so hurtfull to see the ganesha cry for mahesh n prabha.

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