Bandhan 30th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 30th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The inspector says we have found the stuff I your house so please you have to come to police station with us, Mahesh says I am ready to go, I am not scared of anything, prabha says are they arresting you.

darpan says we have to go out and look what is happening. Ganesh is trying to stop her. Mahesh says lets go inspector. inspector says you ahev to come with us vishwas rao.

Mahesh says to prabha don’t worry everything will be okay. Take care of darpan and don’t let her know. I will be back. Prabha is crying. Mahesh leaves. daran comes out and says where is everyone? Mahesh hugs prabha. Darpan sees Mahesh going, she says where are you going baba we have to celebrate Diwali. SHe asks prabha where is he gone? Prabha says he will be back. idol broke so he went to bring new one. Daroan says why is tara crying? basant says tara broke the idol. Darpan says don’t cry tara. God is everywhere. baba will bring the new one don’t worry. basasnt says lets go and eat something. darpan says golu is hungry but he wont eat. Prabha says why don’t you eat? DArpan says I will eat with baba. We will wat for him. Prabha says okay.

Scene 2
Mahesh is in police station. The cops bring dev there too. Inspector asks did you give written statement that you brother smuggles animal’s parts when after hunting them, Mahesh says don’t worry dev. Tell him that you signed those papers. Dev says I signed those papers. Bhao says how could you do this to me dev? Mahesh syas look I told you. he is the real culprit. You can arrest him now. Bhao says I haven’t done anything cops arrest bhao. Dev says why are you arresting the wrong person? Real culproit is this Mahesh. Dev says I swear Mahesh hit me and asked me to sign these papers. Mahesh says what are you saying? He asked to write all this. Mahesh says he lying.

Darpan says ganesh you have to wait till baba come. till then find the moon.

Mahesh says I didn’t even touch you. Why are you lying? Bhao syas I think he is right he can’t hit my brother. my brother might be lying. You have to make sure that there was no other person in the jail when Mahesh got those signs. There wasn’t any. Inspector leave bhao and keeps Mahesh in lock up. Bhao and dev laugh at Mahesh. Mahesh’s friend tells prabha that he has be arrested. He will be kept in jail tonight. Darpan asks prabha when will baba come? prabha is quite. Pabha pretends like she is talking to Mahesh. Prabha pretends like she is talking to Mahesh. Prabha says when are you coming? The kid are hungry. all right I will tell them. Prabha says to ganesh and darpan you dad has some work to do he will be late. So he has asked you both to eat. Darpan says we can’t eat without baba ai. Prabha says you have to eat for ganesh. He is young. prabha asks basant to serve the food. darpan says yeah baba might come in mean time. Mahesh submits his vault and phone in the police station. Mahesh is in the jail not knowing what to do.

Prabha is really worried Mahesh. SHe can’t eat on the table. while Mahesh is served with the jail food. Darpan looks at prabha and asks why are you worried? Mahesh can’t eat the food of jail.
Bhao comes to mahesh and says what are you eating ? Entire village is having a party . He tells magesh about the letter he gave in candle to dev.

precap-mahesh’s stars badges and uniform is taken from him. Darpan sees it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Prabha was an idiot in the first place to let him in the house, and doing Puja to boot…she is too harden!!!! Now look who have to suffer the consequences to her stupidity….her husband!!!

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