Bandhan 30th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 30th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaku surrounds ganesh with fire. Ganesh screams. Shaku says award for best dancer should go to your brother. Darpan says please don’t do this shaku bua. Shaku says I felt the same pain when pinky lost because of you. Now your brother has to pay for you. Darpan is crying she says please leave my ganesh. Shaku says don’t do any such this again. And tell your brother not to act smart and listen, this meeting should stay between us. I have scared him with fire today but if you tell anyone I will burn him. Darpan says promise I wont tell anyone. Shaku says go to your brother. Darpan goes to ganesh and comforts him. darpan says you know ganesh shaku took advantage of your fear. I wont let people do this again. I eradicate this fear of fire from your heart.

ganesh is sleeping at night. He listens to darpan’s screams. Ganesh sees shaku in corridor, he runs after her. Darpan screams ganesh please save. Darpan is surrounded by fire. She says ganesh please save me. Ganesh sees her in the fire. Darpan says ganesh please save me but ganehs is scared himself. Darpan says where are you going ganesh? Naraini comes out and sees darpan. bhao comes as well. kajri says someone bring water. Darpan says please save me ganesh. Bhao says who did this? Naraini says someone save her please. Bhao and naraini take bucket but it slips. ganesh recalls Mahesh saying you will always be with her you will protect her. Darpan says where are you going ganesh please save me. ganesh comes with a sheet. Darpan smiles. he goes in the fire and covers darpan he takes her out. naraini says are you okay darpan? Darpan says yeah I am fine. bhao says who fired this darpan? Darpan says I am sorry I did this myself. Everyone is dazed. bhao says are you mad? Why wanted to burn yourself? Shaku says what is all this darpan? meethi says what if the fire covered the house? Bhao sys shut up. He says darpan tell me why you did this? darpan says I wanted to kill the fear of ganesh but I knew that he will save me when I am fired. I just fired a little I didn’t know it will spread. Bhao says thank God you are safe I am very happy. Darpan says in this world when people leave their relatives burn in fire you risked you life to kill his fear. You love is an example. Darpan says come ganesh I will give you chocolates. bhao says I will give you chocolates as well.

Kajri says darpan loves her brother so much. Dev says yes I saw she risked her life and his brother risked his life to save her. kajri says did you ever love someone like this? Dev says are you sleepy? Go and sleep. kajri says tell me. He says I don’t get this love and all. Kajri says what are you looking for? He says pill for headache. Kajri says my mom says never take pills, massage is the best. Dev says I don’t need your help. He says I am your wife. he says I want pills. kajri says sit her. She does his massage. Dev fells better. kajri says how you feel? Dev says I feel good but I listen some song. kajri says are you mad? there is no song. dev says what wrong with me? I see kajri everywhere. have got mad?

darpan says to ganesh you love me that is why you saved me? I love you as well? I will take my medicine now go and sleep. Her hand is a little burnt. She applies ointment to her bruise. She says thanks for saving me. ganesh takes a stick. darpan says you will punish me? This was important otherwise shaku would have done this again and again to you. She holds her ears and says please forgive me.

Naraini takes darpan and ganesh to a room and sya surprise. its all decorated. Darpan says It all for us? nariani says yes. darpan says its so good. Darpan says are you happy ganesh? he says no. darpan says is anything missing? He says yes. He goes to store and takes the bag which has prabha and Mahesh’s picture. He comes in the room with the bag. Darpan sees the photo. She recalls her time with her family. She recalls meethi says your ai is dead darpan. They wont come back, she recalls their atrocities. darpan places the photo on side bed. darpan says we will fight ganesh. They cant scare you anymore. We will show that you and me are so powerful.

Precap-bhao is in his room. ganesh goes to his room and sees the tattoo.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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