Bandhan 2nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 2nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
The pigeon of Bhao are attacking the man who escaped. He die out of pain.

darpan is playing. Shakun comes there and says what are you doing? she says I was going to washroom. shakun says you should ask me before going. Darpan says yes miss. She says just miss? Darpan says shaku miss. Darpan is looking out ganesh is there. darpan says ma’am should I tell you a secret. What I see in dream happens in reality. shakun says what you mean? how? if you see ice cream you get it? If you see that shaku miss slapped you will you get a slap. darpan steps back in fear. darpan says I saw that you came here to teach me and then a wild elephant comes here. He is very big and wild. Then he started moving towards you he seemed angry. Ganesh comes in. Darpan pretends like she is scared. Shakun is still standing there. She is not feared at all. DArpan says ma’am he is wild he will eat us up. darpan says I am sorry he is my brother. We just wanted to tease you. shakun says now I will tell you what happens onward. Shakun moves towards ganesh. Shaku says now I will ask elephant what is your name? Darpan says ganesh. she says he looks smart and intelligent. was is his plan? Shakun says would you like some chocolate ganesh? She takes out a chocolate bar from her bag and offers it to ganesh. She says enjoy it but let your sister study. He leaves. Shakun says he likes it a lot I guess. darpan says yes he like chocolate a lot. shaku says the poisonous one too? he eat it? Dapran is dazed. She rushes to ganesh. He is eating the chocolate. Shaku comes out too. Shaku says there was no poison is that chocolate. I didn’t bring it today but if you try this trick again or you skip homework or you don’t listen to me. I will give your brother poisonous chocolate he likes it a lot. He will finish it with in moments and then he will die. Do you get it, darpan? Darpan is in tears. Shaku says one more thing if you tell anyone, I will give the poisonous chocolate to your brother. So finish your homework by tomorrow.

Scene 2
Bhao comes with DG to get his brother out. Mahesh has to leave him. Dev says he locked me in and hit me? Bhao says like this? he slaps him. Baho is hitting dev. Dev hides behind DG. Bhao says come here. He takes him to Mahesh and says hit him. He ruined my name. Bhao says to DG I will punish him, I will lock him in jail. He puts him in and whispers I will get you out of here in next 24 hours. Bhao says to Mahesh you are such a diamond. You cleaned my house today. till you are here I am sure nothing shall happen to the jungle. Mahesh says, unfortunately, some humans have become animals until they are not caught how will the jungle safe? Bhao says that’s right. Keep moving forward I will be with you. Suddenly come animals’ voice is heard. Bhao hides behind the chair. His pals come on with speakers and say look Mahesh this is a gift for you. Mahesh says we won’t need it vishwas rao. Bhao says he roars like a lion I have to be afraid of her. Bhao says yeah he is right what comes around goes around. He leaves. Mahesh gets a call from prabha? She says why you sound worried? He says nothing.
Darpan goes out and looks for ganesh. She sees that ganesh is eating the chocolate shaku is giving him.

Precap- darpan says ganesh don’t eat that chocolate. He eats it and falls on the ground.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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