Bandhan 29th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 29th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
dev says I am ready to tell you everything. bhao smuggles drugs in the idols. Go to his warehouse. You will know everything Darpan and prabha buy an idol from the market. Later they buy some sweets. Ganesh sees a present. Dev is writing about his confession. He writes everything vishwas rao does and gives his address. Mahsh says get his warrant ready. Mahesh looks at the present and grunts darpan says wahts wrong with you? There are idols in this packet. Prabha gets a call form Mahesh. he says I am sorry I will be late in pooja. Its something really big. she says okay take care of yourself.

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Bhao comes to Mahesh’s house. Prabha is shocked to see him. His men are there too. he says happy Diwali. Mahesh threw me out but I came as its Diwali to celebrate. darpan says hi friend happy Diwali. bhao says we have to forgive all the anger. darpan looks at prabha? Prabha says please go vishwas rao ji. He says whats the problem? I am here to clear everything. bhao and the cops reach the warehouse. they don’t find anything, a cop says is dev lying? Dev’s man says he has gone to his friend’s place to celebrate Diwali. Mahesh gets it. he rushes to his house. Bhao takes the plate and says I will do the pooja today. tara says what is this all? darpan says ganesh wait papa must be coming. prabh says lets start the pooja. darpan says but baba isn’t here. prabha says he said he will be late. Bhao goes to pooja. Prabha texts Mahesh vishwas is home please come home. prabha is worried. Mahesh is heading to the house. Mahesh enters the house. Bhao says finally you are here sir. bhao says come here. Its your own house lets do the pooja. Mahesh says darpan go in with ganehs. He says your game is over. Look what is it your brother’s statement against you. He has confessed everything. Mahesh says arrest him. Mahesh says take him out of my hosue. bhao says I wanna go and prostrate in front of God just one. He reads the mantra. He sees some of the drugs under the idol. He says what is drug doing in your house. he look inspector there is something in the diol.Mahesh and prabha are shocked. Bhao says no I guess its the tooth of a lion. what is it doing in th ranger’s house. Mahesh says everyone knows who owns the idol business in this house. bhao says we should rummage through his house. Mahesh syas yeah I don’t fear anything go do it. inspector orders to rummage the house. they find an elephant tooth in the cushions. They find some more in other places. Mahesh and prabha are dazed. bhao recalls his men came in the house disguised as rangers and saying sir have sent us to srpay the house. They put all these things in there. Mahesh says its all his game. Bhao says you can’t blame me. I just came in this house.

Darpan says to ganesh we haven’t even done pooja. whats going on outside?

Prabha says what is all this Mahesh how did it come in the house. Mahesh says don’t consider his games. I don’t know how this stuff came in my house. Vishwas rao syas who possess this house? who should be blamed of all these findings?

Precap-darpan says come out lets see whats happening. inspector syas we have found all this in your house so you have to come with us.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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