Bandhan 28th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 28th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Whole family in on beach for the picnic. Mahesh hugs prabha. They take photos. play football. Bhao is there. He says hello bhabhi ji what are you doing here/ I would never have come here If I knew. You can go anywhere else if you have problem with me. Mahesh says its a public place anyone can come. bhao says yeah I know. Its not your jungle. Mahesh leaves with prabhaa. darpan sees him nd says help crying uncle. Bhao says my best friend is here it will be fun. darpan sees sanju with him. bhao says say hello to my bestie and to ganesh as well. Sanju says hello to both. Bhao says this is a surprise now we will all have fun together. Darpan goes to her parents. Sanju stops a horse and says I wanna ride it. Baho stops the horse. He says don’t you feed them. bhao says I feel bad for animals bhabhi ji. Mahesh is angry. Ganesh, Mahesh and darpan are playing football. Prabha enjoys watching them. Mahesh goes on a walk with prabha. Bhao comes to darpan. He says I have a lot of presents for you but you have to promise me something. Darpan says okay I swear. He says these are all for you and for your family. Keep them in your car and don’t let your dad know. darpan sys I have promised pap that I wont take anything from anyone. He shows her a picture and says here is your papa say him in the picture. Darpan says baba uncle I is giving me some gifts I am taking them. bhao transfers all the gifts in Mahesh’s car. bhao syas now you will enjoy Diwali ranger.

bhao comes to dev. Dev says you didn’t even miss me. bhao says I have given ranger the gift of Diwali. bhao asks the inspector to leave, he says talk in front of me. Bhao gives him diya and says here is the Diwali blessing. Dev says I am dyig here in hell and you are wihing me Diwali. Bhao say dev take care of yourself. Tell me what can I do for you? You have suffer all this as result of your sins. inspector says what will happen to you now dev.

Scene 2
Mahesh and famiy come home. Prabha says go Mahesh sleep. Mahesh is taking the stuff out of the car. Prabha says darpan is slept take her in, basant will take out the stuff. He doesn’t see the gifts and leave. Basan takes all the gifts and stuff in. Mahesh is tryong to stop him. basant says why are you annoying me. basant syas doesn’t it belong to us? ganesh nods. Basant tells the driver to take tge presents back with the car.

Scene 2
Darpan is doing the rangoli for Diwali. prabha says this is so good. Mahesh takes their photos. Orabha says go and get ready we have to do the pooja. Mahesh gets a call. He says prabha I have to go.
Tara is says mahadasha is coming. darpan says what is it ? a girl comes and says its not scary this time. Darpan says hello to banshiri and her brother. He says we will have it on aryan’s birthday. we came here to invite you. darpan says we will come for sure.

Mahesh asks dev what did your bhao said? he says he bought this light for me and sasy I have made your alcove bright. Mahesh says tell me the truth. you have a way to get out of his hell. vishwas rao should get his punishment.

Darpan asks basnt where are the gifts? basant says ganesh told me that they are not ours. so I sent them with the car. Bhao has got his gifts back,

PRecap-mahesh comes to bhao’s warehouse and says you game is over. your brother has given written wit against you. arrest him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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