Bandhan 27th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 27th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Darpan is in hospital. Nurse says she will be fine. her life is out of danger. Bhao says thank God my ria daughter is safe. Thanks doctor. Doctor and nurse leave. Bhao starts reading some mantra. Bhao takes off darpan’s inhaler. Bhao says don’t take it off ria. Doctor said, you have to be okay. you know i have found a lost diamond. someone recalled me the old story. I want to ask a question? this actor in front of me, Ria khary? or darpan karnik? darpan is scared. She wants to move.Bhao says settle down.

Raghava and ganes are praying for darpan. Raghav says please save darpan God. Its not her mistake at all. Nurse comes to raghav and says darpan is recovering you can go and meet her. Raghav says to ganesh i am going to meet her.

Bhao says question 2. why darpan came to my house? why you pretended like you love my son? Too seek revenge and prove your innocence? you wanna take revenge from me? I am the lion. Final question is who burnt my godown? Ria khhary is the answer final. He takes off her inhaler. Bhao says i forgot the incomplete story should end. I should put the end to it. He takes out an injection and injects is about to inject it in darpan’s inhaler. Bhao says i will kill you slowly and with pain. He injects it in her tube. DArpan can’t breathe. She moves on the bed with pain and settles after a while. darpan is not moving at all. Bhao I have killed so many people in dalma. no one could stand against me. i will send you to your parents, go play with them.

Raghav enters the room, bhao is about to exit, he hides behind the door. Raghav holds her hand and says pardon me darpan. I never trusted you. I want you to be okay. He realizes her pulse is low and hands are cold. raghav says darpan open your eyes. Raghav says darpan open your eyes. Raghav says this can’t happen darpan open your eyes. He goes out and calls doctor and staff. Doctor says sorry Mr. Raghav we could save your wife. Raghav is bewildered. raghav says but.. nurse said she was recovering? how can you say that. She must have fainted, please check her once. She is fine. doctor says we tried but we couldn’t save her. We can’t do anything now. Raghav looks in shock at her.

Precap-Meethi says she was worried all night. I sent her to make prashad. Raghav says who? Meethi says my daughter in law. Raghav says how can she be here?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. writers so you finally did it you let bhao win again you evil bastards how could you let that happen so all darpan endured was for nothing everything was in vain she lost while raghav and his evil father bhao won they are both evil criminals writers what were you thinking when you wrote this serial because after the first part of this serial it was just pure shit you have been writing I just knew it how on earth could you let darpan die without her accomplishing was she set out to do and that is get justice for her parents death and clear her fathers name of stealing writers what would you do now bring her back as a ghost shit shit shit I am so damn disappointed with the way this serial turned out I feel not to watch the others which are also going shitty writers I suggest best you kill ganesh toooooooooooooooo seeing that you have killed his whole family what next writers you are the worst

  2. These writers are a joke they need to start write realistic storyline. When a patient is critical, nurses and doctors monitor the machines that they are hooked upto if it goes off or in other words the patient flatline the nurses will notice, they have something they called code blue then the doctors and nurse will rush in and try saved the person…look how long bhao was in the room smh

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