Bandhan 26th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 26th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
Raghav says with your death your lies with die as well. Darpan coughs and can’t breathe. He says you are struggling to breathe? Tell me what is happening? i will save you, you just have to say that all you said was a lie. i can save you, you just have to accept that you killed me mom. apologize for your mistake, Darpan says sorry raghav, i trusted you, i thought that you there is some good left in you. I am sorry that i wanted to make you better but i failed. i will say till my last breathe that i didn’t kill naraini. that man you consider your God killed her he is an animal. You will know his reality someday. He says you are so stubborn. you just have to say that you killed my mom. darpan says that is not the truth. Vishwas rao killed her. Truth is that i am innocent. Raghav leaves her there and stands up in anger.

Ganesh comes and shoves Raghav. He starts hitting raghav.
Ganesh is walking towards raghav to hit him more. ganesh is about to step on him. darpan says don’t do this. For me, what if we failed and couldn’t get justice to our ai baba. Even if we have to die, we wont do anything wrong. For the rakhi you wont make him any harm. Ganesh steps back. darpan faints. Ganesh goes to him and tries to get her up. he goes to look water for her. Raghav goes to darpan and picks her up. He says i wont let anything happen to you. I will be burdened all my life if something happens to you. He puts her in the car and is about to drive ganesh stops the car. Raghav says don’t stop me. I want to save her before its too late please let me go. Ganesh steps back. Raghav sits in the car.

bhao says to dev why are you acting in front of me? why have you doing this to me? you wanted to tell me who burnt my factory. if you don’t tell me i will send your daughter to your wife. He takes out pipe from his inhaler. Bhao calls doctor in and says repair the wire. Doctor fits the wire of ventilator.

Raghav brings darpan to hospital. He is taking her to emergency. Bhao passes from his back, raghav couldn’t see him. Raghav says to doctor please do something and save her life. doctor says we are trying our best.

Raghav comes to temple and sees ganesh already praying there. He says darpan will be alright ganesh. She has to stay alive for you and me. I gave her poison but didn’t want her to die. I just wanted her to confess her crime. but she never did. she knew that i gave her poison why she saved my life then? if she can save her own murderer then how can she kill someone? perhaps she has not killed my mom. maybe i know the half truth. but who else can kill her? do you think as well that my baba killed her? He is in a shocked state. He says why would he kill her? but darpan didn’t lie she saved my life. I don’t get who is lying and who is not. please help me ganesh. Bhao sees him and hears what he said.

Precap-bhao goes to darpan in hospital and says darpan karnik? He takes out her inhaler, darpan can’t breathe.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Today episode is good but y always villain hear from back

  2. wow good I hope truth will be out but only ganesh know the truth how can he says.

  3. shit shit shit again bhao is winning with his evil why writers in all the serials you only have people killing innocent ones and there is no justice at all you writers are all evil evil evil people so you think evil do evil hear evil and write evil end this shit serial now frustrated viewer

  4. This Raghav guy is he bipolar his attitude changes by the minutes he’s confusing me. Poison isn’t something you play with much less to give someone you are just as wicked as your Dad, get up off your lazy ass and go and find out who kills your mom instead of depending on hearsay(rumours) because hearsay can’t enter the court of law, Darpan should have let Ganesh stomp your a** into the ground because you are beyond stupid

  5. darm it……….u hv spoiled de movie…… xoo wanna tel uz riyaaa wil be killed by vishwas.. be serioz

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