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Bandhan 25th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaku says now you wont reach competition and pinky will win. She laughs. Shaku goes out and asks driver to go, she says bye ganesh. ganesh goes in the kitchen and is shocked to find darpan.

Naraini says to kajri where is darpan? Kajri says she came with you that’s what shaku said. Kajri says shaku said she came with you. Kajri says there is something wrong. Host says all the participants come on stage. Kajri and naraini are leaving to find darpan. darpan introduces kajri and naraini to some lady to stop them. Ganesh is ringing the bell to wake darpan up. host announces darpan’s name but she is nowhere. Kajri says I am going home to bring her. Stop them I am bringing darpan. shaku says I don’t think she will come she must be scared. Meethi says obviously she will be scared.

Ganesh goes to temple and prays for darpan. he is worried. Winds starts to blow. he finds a glass and throws the water on darpan. she wakes up. Naraini says there is some other reason of her absence. Meethi says what else could it be? Her brother must have stopped her. I don’t think she will come. darpan says I am here. Shaku and meethi are shocked. Kajri smiles. Darpan says if ganesh didn’t get me up I wont have been here, I will win this competition for you. There is no brother like you. we will win this competition. Naraini takes darpan on stage. meethi says how is she here? Shaku says this animal has done this. How did she wake up I mixed so many pills in the juice. Shaku says the girl is flying high since her brother is back. Lets see how I bring her down. meethi says what if she wins? Shaku says she wont win it. I wont let her win. Meethi says how will you stop her? Shaku says lets see what I do.

narini gets darpan dressed in saari. Darpan says you are so nice. You taught me dance and brought me these good dress. My ai would have dressed me the same way. she used to care for me like this. naraini says think like you ai is near you. And when you dance today she will watch you. darpan says I would never have been part of it if you weren’t here. Shaku comes in the corridor. She throws oil outside darpan’s room. She syas you will slip now and let me see how you win. Pinky will win it for sure. Ganesh comes and sees the petrol. Naraini says you are doing this to win money for ganesh’s medicine. you could have asked me. darpan says no I can’t ask anyone for money. uncle brought me all the medicies. He is so nice. naraini says vishwas rao and nice man. darpan says yes he is my best friend. but ai baba said you should do all your work yourself. Naraini says I have never seen a girl and sister like you. you will win this competition because when we work hard to achieve something we get it. you have a beautiful heart. I wish I had a daughter she would have been like you. naraini is in tears. darpan swipes her tears and asks where is your daughter? Naraini says she isn’t here like your ai. she has become a star. but I have you. you are my daughter from now. She hugs darpan. She says and ganesh, he is my son.

Ganesh brings a wiper and starts cleaning the floor. darpan opens the door and says what are you doing? You became sweeper here? you are sick you don’t have to work. naraini says lets go darpan. Darpan comes on stage. SHaku joins the pooja and is angry to see darpan. Ganesh throws oil on her slippers. She slips when she wears it. pinky says I saw ganesh putting oil on your slipper. A man comes with arti plate. Ganesh is scared. darpan goes and stops the man she says he is scared of firee. Shaku says in heart now I know your weakness. Lets see what I do now.

Precap-ganesh watches bhao and that tattoo on his back. He recalls Mahesh and prabha dying.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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