Bandhan 24th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 24th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Daoran says where are you hiding ganesh. basant says he can’t hide in whole house. Darpan says where ahev you gone ganesh. Ganesh looks in the house. The balloons are still in hands of man. ganesh puts in his trunk to pluck some. The servant sees him and says elephant ganesh hides. When he goes ganesh tries again. He is unsuccessful.

Darpan is worried for ganesh she looks everywhere for him. Darpan says he doesn’t stay out of home for long. She says has he forgotten the home. Prabha comes and says come on darpan tie the rakhi. Basant says he isn’t home. Dapran goes to look for him.

The balloons go up in the air. the man says its a thief. He sees ganesh and runs after him with a stick. Ganesh scares him. The man goes in his house. and finds a big stick. his son says he is darpan’s brother he came to steal my balloons. The man says come with me. Ganesh has hidden. The balloon seller comes and ganesh chases him. Darpan is looking for him in forest.

Darpan comes home and says he never leaves me alone. mahwsh says we will find him don’t worry. Ganesh is running fast and chasing the boy. He hops in the river to catch the guy as he reaches the bridge. Mahsehs is out with prabha and darpan and asks his men to look for him too. his assistant tells him that some people saw an elephant at highway. Darpan says what is something happens to him. Prabha says nothing will happen.

ganesh reaches the market following the man. Ganesh tries to take some balloons. The man says you need money for balloons go and work. Prabha and daarpan are worried for ganesh. Ganesh plays footballs with kids and shows some skills. He takes a balloon and gives it to a kid. All kids say I want the ballon. Ganesh starts giving balloons to all of them. Kids are happy. A last one is left. A liitle girl comes and says I want balloon. he says the last is not for sale. Mahesha and rest come there. Ganesh comes with the balloons for darpan. Darpan smiles. Ganesh comes to her and gives it to her. Prabha and mashesh smiles. Suddenly the balloon goes up in the air. darpan says I know you brought it for my for rakhi. Ganesh runs runs after the balloon. Darpan says stop ganesh. Ganesh sees sopa water in the way. He makes bubbles from his trunk darpan is very happy. DArpan says thank you ganesh you are the best brother. darpan makes him wear the rakhi. Everyone claps

Precap-mahesh gets promotion. His boss says the chief man will give you medal. Bhao is there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I am not enjoying this show at all. I think that clown scene sealed the deal for me yesterday. I wonder how long this show will last.

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