Bandhan 23rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 23rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahesh says be take a side darpan. You will be hurt. darpan says he went in rain to bring me the doctor. Mahesh says take her inside prabha. Prabha is forcing darpan to go in. darpan says please stop them ai they will take him. basant sits in Mahesh’s feet and says please don’t let him go, Mahesh says I am doing this for his better. Darpan is crying. Mahesh says go Mahesh do you want darpan to be more ill? darpan says please ganehs stop. please ai don’t let him go SHe is screaming please stop ganesh. She leaves prabha’s hand and goes to ganehs. Mahesh holds him. darpan says please stop him baba don’t let him go. Mahesh picks a stick and Makes a boundary for darpan so she won’t come out of it. Like darpan used to make for him. DArpan recalls maming it for him. darpan says its not a game they will take you forever. If you leave you will never come back to me. Mahesh goes in the truck. DArpan is crying. They both recalls their happy moments. The truck starts and darpan is moving away from darpan. Darpan is sobbing, The truck faces a car and stops there. Bhao comes out of it. bhao comes to mahehs and says because of your animal my daughter is in hospital. Mahesh says you don’t have to do anything I am sending him away. I am sorry for what happened to your kids. Darpan says don’t send ganehs papa he can’t harm anyone. Bhao says repeat again what you said. Bhao says such a little girl and so many tears. He says the one who committed sin will be punished, I don’t like tears in your eyes. he hey ranger you wear the glasss of right and wrong what happened now? That animal crossed his limits. He is wild but last night what happened had none of his mistake. You are making a mistake by sending him from here. professor comes there and says he came to my house to hand over me darpan’s sorry card. He saved us all from fire. Prabha says looks Mahesh ganhes did all this for darpan. You will make a mistake by sending him from here. Mahesh bows down on his shoulders and sas I am sorry darpan I am sorry. I was wrong. Darpan gpes running to ganesh. Mahesh hugs ganesh ad says I am sorry ganesh. Please forgive me. Ganesh nods. Prabha hugs him too. Mahesh says I thought I understand animals but I couldn’t understand ganesh. You never stopped trusting him darpna you have won. She hugs him. Darpan says to gaehs we will celebrate Diwali together we will have so much fun. Prabha says thank you so mych vishwas rao. He says I should be thank ful to you. You have got a really nice son. Shanta ram says we need ganehs for security of school. I decided that no one can protect kids more than ganesh. Bhao says how will he go in the class? He says he wil sit out of the class for now. Darpna says yes he will come to school. Thak you sir and thank you crying uncle. You are really my best friend. Mahehs is shocked to listen this. He says friend? She says yes he is my friend he gave me that ganno idol. He is such a nice man. Mahesh asks her to go in. Mahehs says what drama is this vishwas rao? Don’t use my daughter to reach me. He says wow you got my idea. Mahesh says I know you so well. stay away from darpan or I will make you forget yourself. Prabah says bhaocome in for tea. He says I don’t like tea. Mahesh sasy then drink water you will need it. they leave.

Darpan says to ganehs now we will stay together we will go to school and play all along. tell everyone that you are a nice boy.

Scene 2
Next morning they both get ready for school. Prabha says be a good boy in school don’t annoy anyone.ganes touches prabh and Mahesh’s feet. Mahesh hugs him.

Precap-mahesh goes to school with darpan everyone welcomes them except for pinky and her brothers.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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