Bandhan 23rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 23rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dev says i will tell bhao and no one can stop me. He locks three of them in. Kajri says please stop dev. He says i loved you and you betrayed me. Ganesh comes and opens the door. They run out to look for dev. Darpan says please help us God. dev is going towards bhao’s room. and apple drops from temple and a vase as well. Dev slips due to water. He faints. Darpan, kajri and naraini come there.

When dev opens his eyes he is roped in a room, kajri says please listen to me. Dev says you can kidnap me here and harm bhao. He says i trusted you and loved you but you showed the true colors, you have hurt me a lot. kajri says you dont know what your brother is like he made you evil as well now you are turning good. Darpan says please uncle he killed my mom and dad and then he wanted to kill ganesh. Dev says you are a kid so stay a kid. bhao gave you such a good place int this house, your parents fell off the cliff and ganesh was drowned. naraini says this is truth, your bhao wanted to kill ganesh but darpan saved him. Ganesh comes in, dev says its the ghost. Kajri says he is ganesh and is alive, your brother wanted to kill him. Now he wants to kill darpan and naraini. Dev says i dont know anything, open me. i loved you a lot but i can’t deceive my brother. kajri says i loved you as well but i can’t see this little girl dying. I can’t help the evil. He says open me i wont forgive you. Kajri says lets go naraini. dev says i wont leave you all.

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Scene 2
meethi says i am so glad to see the decorations. It will be a good party. Bhao says yes it will be a success. what you say my bestie? Darpan nods. naraini says yes we all are waiting for tomorrow. kajri says you are right. bhao says where is dev? kajri says he has a lot to work for tomorrow. i called him but he didn’t pick. Bhao calls him. Dev comes in. darpan, naraini and kajri are shocked. bhao says you didn’t pick kajri’s call? why? Dev says i was stuck somewhere. dev says i want to talk to you, bhao says say it here. Dev says i am going to tell you something, that will make you think how is this possible. kajri says don’t you feel ashamed, you shouldn’t tell such things to bhao. i will tell you bhao. dev is going to be. bhao stands up and hugs him. He says congratulations. He gives him sweets.

DEv says to kajri why did you lie? Kajri says what else could i do? you were about to tell bhao. Dev says he is my brother, we are same blood what is darpan to you? till i am here i wont let anyone harm bhao. he is like God to me. Today when i need you, you are not on my side. why kajri? i can’t betray bhao. kajri points knife at him and says i will kill myself if you move forward. He tries to snatch the knife, He says have you gone mad? she says yes. I was so happy that i got married to a thug, but as a husband he tried to change. you tried to be a good for me. you bhao has killed parents of so many kids, he made you a thug. He says yeah you are right. but i can’t betray my bhao. Kajri says please show him right path.

Dev goes out, darpan and naraini are coming in his direction. darpan says do what you feel is right. dev says don’t lure me with that innocent face. darpan says i just have to say you something. keep this money box i have saved some money in it. if you tell bhao truth he will kill me, i don’t care about my life but after me ganesh will be alone. keep this money box and bring food for ganesh from this money. tell bhao that his enemy darpan has died, ganesh wont harm him. i am not scared to die, i will pray that your child love and respect you like i do my parents. you live with vishwas rao but i know there is a good man inside you. dev says are you done? bhao is my blood i can’t choose you over him. bhao comes and says what choosing are you talking about dev? Everyone is shocked.

Precap-bhao says what were you talking about dev? dev is scared.

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  1. another down hill soap toooooooooooooo long and drawn out needs to come to an end a happy ending

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