Bandhan 23rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 23rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
There is some preparation going on. shaku is eating sweets, she says ganesh would you like it? Ganesh nods. shaku says get lost. darpan says I will make you something ganesh. Shaku says I don’t want beggars like you in front of me. Its wedding reception of dev. don’t be seen near guests.

Kajri is getting ready. Dev pours drink in glass. kajri says youb would drink in the morning? He says mind your own business. Kajri says I will stop you. She throws away is bottle. Dev says I am bringing another bottle stop me if you can. kajri says you are my husband I wont let you play with your health.

Meethi is giving directions to the maid. SHe says clean the kitchen before you leave. darpan says tai is there something to eat? Ganesh steals the breads she has made. Tai says meethi maa asked me to make 50 breads. Darpan sees ganesh and says what you did ganesh. You ate all of them. tai says what will I do now. There is a lot of work left. darpan says was hungry. DArpan says I will make the breads. darpan says ganesh go and wait for me in the room. darpan says I know how to make it. darpan says don’t tell shaku bua. she says okay I wont.

Ganesh farts in front of shaku. Shaku says you wild ugly animal. Get lost from here. darpan kneads the floor. shaku wonders where is darpan. She syas I look for her. Darpan is making the breads. Shaku is going to the kitchen. She says I will catch her red handed. Shaku collides with narini and falls. Naraini says sorry I didn’t see you. sahku says do you have buttons instead of eyes? narini says I am really sorry. I will help you to walk. Shaku syas take me to kitchen. Narini says you need to go to your room your brain and feet both need rest.

dev comes in room. Kajri is sitting with drinks. She says where were you? My glass in ready. join me. We will drink together. Dev throws her glass away and says kajri you wont drink. I am saying that because bhao will throw me out. kajri laughs and says so what? She says I will come with you. He grasps her and says shut up. From now you wont even touch alcohol. Got that? Kahjro says what will I do now I have to consent to my husband’s order but I have a condition. you wont touch alcohol either. if you do I will drink too. Dev take the bottle and throws them all in the sink.

Darpan is making breads. Naraini comes in and says what are you doing? Do they ask you to work? darpan says no ganesh eats a lot so I help tai in making breads. Naraini says this is like Australia’s map. I will teach you how to make breads. SHe makes them with her. darpan says thank you. she says welcome. Darpan says do you know you remind me of ai. naraini says really? Darpan nods and kisses her hand. Darpan leaves. Naraini says and you remind me of the kid who couldn’t come in this world. I wish that accident never happened to me. My kid would have been of your age by now.

Darpan says you know ganesh I made so many breads. Naraini aunty helped me. she is no nice. I can cook you food now. She says ganesh are you okay? I will bring you medicine rondu uncle has brought me these medicines. She gives a little to ganesh. shaku says oh love of kids. first he stole breads and ate all of them. But you know these medicines wont help him. you have to earn and then give him medicine. Only then he will feel good. Darpan looks ate ganesh.

DArpan goes to temple and says shaku bua says ganesh wont be okay if I don’t earn. how can I earn? An ad comes to her. She is shocked. Its some competition’s ad. shaku reads out the same ad to pinky, It says dalma govt is arranging a competition fot girls. who wins will get 5k. darpan says this is enough money to buy ganesh’s medicine. I will win it. Shaku syas pinky will win and earn it right. pinky nods.

Precap-shaku gives juice to darpan. She drinks it and faints. Shau says how will you go to competition now? pinky will win.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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