Bandhan 21st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 21st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Darpan’s body temperature is rising. tara calls Mahesh and says darpan isn’t well. please come soom. He can’t hear her. Ganesh is out in rain to look for them.
Prabha and Mahesh are on their way back. Ganesh goes to the same tree where darpan prayed for a brother. He prays there for his sister. Mahesh and prabha are stuck in traffic. ganesh is screaming. tara is still worried for darpan. Angeshsees a house and remembers coming there with darpan.

Mahesh and prabha are stuck in traffic. ganesh prays for darpan. He sees a house of doctor. He is amdly ringing the bell of his house.

doctor comes from his practise and says what is this wild animal doing here. Watchman says he is not wild he love in Mahesh’s house. He is darpan’s younger brother. Watchman sys what you want? He says food? ganesh says no. Doctor says is someone ill? Ganesh nods. He takes his bag. doctor says I think he wants o take me somewhere. he starts following ganesh in his car.

Doctor checks darpan and says she needs rest. He gives her medicine. doctor says ganehs brought me here on right time. tara says thnk God you saved life of darpan. He syas you should be thankful of ganesh. He truly loves darpan. he told me the meaning of love. tara calls Mahesh and tells her that doctor has checked darpan she is fine now. Doctor says to ganesh now you have seen my house cpme there whenever someone is ill. tara says what happened to darpan? He says maybe she is stressed. Something must have happened at the school. Doctor leaves. gabnesh recalls the recent events of school. He sees the sorry placard that darpan has made for his teacher.

Scene 2
ganesh goes to shanta ram’s house. Pinky and her brothers are studying there. pinky says you know uncle threw that elephant out. He says quite and do your work. The watchman is scared to see the elephant. Mahesh goes in anger. Shantram sees the screams of watchman. He goes in the balcony and sees ganesh. Pinky says sir that wild elephant will kill us. he will kill you too. Shantaram calls Mahesh and says your elephant has gone mad. Come here he will kill any of us. prabha aks what happened? He says ganesh’s at shantaram’s house. His life is in danger. Shantaram says leave. Just go from here. The three siblings are hidden. pinky says I ma really scared. Ragahv says what are animals scared of? Shnataram says this elephant has gone mad.

Precap-prabha sys why are you punishing him like this. Why are you doing this. Mahesh says leave right now ganehs. darpan comes out and says what happened ai?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Up to now Mahesh has NOT asked his daughter what occurred in the school for Ganesh to reach there. Not pleased with him at all….seems like he has no trust on Darpan.

  2. I hate when parents don’t listen to their kids…how will you ever know the truth r if something is wrong

  3. Is it normal for humans to have an elephant for a sibling?

    I hope I am not offending anyone if this is the norm or a culture thing but people need to wake up and not encouraging this little girl and tell her the truth that her brother died and that the elephant is an elephant and treat it like the pet it really is. It is not human. It is an animal.

    Animals do not go to school like people. I am not saying that it cannot display intelligence but it is not human so we need to stop depicting it as one.

    The parents need to get another child (if its possible)and stop this rubbish.

    1. I’d agree with you in the “real world.” But if you watch the show, the elephant there, Ganesh actually understands when he is spoken to and human emotions. This is what the show is about, and I am loving the bond between Ganesh and Darpan, as a matter of a fact with the whole family. Although it is not a real world scenario, it is executed sweetly on the show….I won’t miss a day of it if it’s in my control.

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