Bandhan 21st November 2014 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 21st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bhao says whom are you running from me? Prabha screams. Ganesh is asking darpan to go home. darpan says whats your problem? you are worried for ai baba? don’t worry. God will make everything all right.

bhao says come and save your wife. Its your wedding anniversary today. These media don’t belong to anyone. They expose the criminal but give no protection to your family. come and save your family. either save your wife or expose me. There wll be two news, one of ruining and other of death. Mahesh takes the card from reporter.

ganehs is making noise and asking darpan to ggo home. Darpan says okay let me ask gannu sahib. she says ganesh is asking me to brek the promise and go back home? A leaf falls on the ground. darpan says lets go ganesh.

Darpan and ganesh

reach home. she cant find anyone there. She looks everywhere. Dev and bhao have taken prabha to a desolated place. Mahesh comes home and sees darpan. He hugs her. Mahesh says where is ai? She says I don’t know. she asked us to go to ganno sahib. she says she has a present for us but we kept waiting for her she didn’t come. Mahesh sits in tension. darpan says dont worry everything will be fine. Mahesh gets a call and bhao says I have done arrangement f your anniversary here. They have hung prabha with and below her are large knife like pricks . Bhao says I have hung your wife. Lets start life a fresh now give me the proofs and take your wife, prabha says no don’t Mahesh. run with darpan and ganesh. They lower prabha her feet touch the pricks. Prabha is screaming with pain. Mahesh takes out his gun. He takes out the memory card and says I wont ever give this to you. He puts it in a locket.

Mahesh says to darpan ai was about to give you surprise? He gives darpan the heart shaped locket which has the memory card and says this is the one. Mahesh says its made by joining hearts of all four of us. Darpan shows it to ganesh. Mahesh says you will always be able to hear the voice of my heart through his. He makes her wear the locket. He says never separate it from yourself. don’t ever show anyone whats inside it. Mahesh hugs her. Mahesh says will you do as I say? I will lock you in this room. you don’t have to come out. there are bad people are out there. darpan says why don’t you conceal with us? He syas I have to bring ai back. Mahesh hugs her. he locks her in the room and says bye to her. Ganesh holds Mahesh’s hand. Mahesh says let me go ganesh. ganesh is not leaving him. darpan says let him go. Mahesh says ai’s life is in danger. don’t make noise you have to stay here with darpan. ganesh wants to go with him. Mahesh says you have to listen to me. You have to take care of darpan.

Precap-darpan says I feel like something bad is gonna happen. ganesh runs to the forest to look for prabha.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thanks for update atiba

  2. this is another long and drawn out script it is about time mahesm proves his innocence and save his family by bringing to light bao and his bad men what is taking soooooooooooooooooooo long Mahesh is a trained ranger of the forest yet he cannot bring down bao and his thugs mahes suppose to have guns to blast them away come on writers we are getting toooooooooooo bored with this one script going round in circles.

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