Bandhan 21st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 21st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Baba starts the pooja. He says I am ganesh. bhao says what you want? He says gold and bananas. Bhao says i will give you but dont ever bring ganesh in front of me. Bhao asks dev to bring the gold. Baba takes it and is about to leave. darpan says stop ganesh. if you are ganesh you will listen to me. wont you talk to your sister? He says who sister? Darpan says you forgot your sister? i think you are not ganesh. if you are ganesh you have to answer my questions. tell me where we met first? Tell me whom you scared that day and why? tell me name of our ai baba. Baba is speechless. Naraini says he will tell if was ganesh. There is no ghost here. your performance was good but you shouldn’t have brought this chit. dev says i wonder who told him all this. naraini says vishwas rao told him maybe not deliberately. this baba noted down everything on this chit. baba is running, dev catches him and asks him men to lock him up. dev says what was need to bring him here? Bhao says I didn’t know he was thief. dev says there is no ghost here you need more electric shots.

They bind bhao with chair. Bhao says i am fine. Dev says i know how to give shocks. Shaku comes in. bhao says get me out of all this. shaku says you need shocks. She ropes him. she says meethi called me and told me everything. bhao says they are all dumb. shaku says you have gone mad. dev gives him electric shocks.

Scene 2
Bhao’s head hurts in the night. He says i know the ghost is here. He has darpan’s locket in his hands. He says this is darpan’s locket. what is it doing here? He finds the memory card. He puts it in his laptop. Meethi comes in he hides the memory card. she says i have brought food for you. bhao says go from here. darpan comes in and says uncle have you seen my locket? He says no. meethi says how can it be here. darpan says my baba gave it to me. He said it will protect me. can i find it here? bhao says yeah sure. darpan finds her locket and says thank you. bhao asks meethi to leave. bhao says darpan said baba gave it to me. whats in that chip?

Bhao goes to darpan’s room at night and tries to steal the locket. He uses a magnet. bhao takes the card from the locket. he turns on this laptop but the card wants password. He tries different passwords and it works. It has his video that mahesh made. bhao says i didn’t know she has my secret. I dont have to wait for that ranger to come back. i have to remove this proof. After that my best friend is all over. you wanted to give me surprise on 26th? i will give you one. it will be your last day.

Scene 3
Raghav is about to fall, naraini holds him. She says are you okay? He says i am fine. naraini says you should have taken care. He says relax i was decorating for party. Naraini says you should have asked someone. he leaves. naraini says you stayed away from me for so many years, i cant let anything happen to you my son? shaku comes and says is he your and bhao’s kid? THis means bhai didn’t bring him from orphanage. Naraini says please dont tell anyone. this house will be ruined shaku says what are you here for? to take raghav?

Precap-bhao says that ranger kid had proof in locket. On 26th i will kill her. Kajri overhears it and tells naraini and darpan.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. gloria keiller

    why darpan did not ever open the locket she would have found the proof now bhao has his hands on it darpan you lapse there now how would you retrieve the memory card your father put for safe keeping in the locket I really do hope that Mahesh comes back quickly and deal with vishwa bhao and give him the punishment he deserves

  2. Lol no punishment this programme will take a 10 year leap where darpan will forget ganesh nd the revenge….

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