Bandhan 1st December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 1st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
pinky says why will she live here meethi ma? sanju says where will she sleep? ragahv says I wont give her my bed. Meethi maa says go or I will hit you. sheetal says darpan don’t be scared this is yoru house from now. Meethi says don’t lie to her. she is clever enough to know that its not her house. why are you here? darpan says I will leave when my papa comes back. sheetla says yeah until then you can live her. you will be happy here. its dev’s mehndi tomorrow. Meethi says your parents wont ever come back. You are an orphan now. you will sleep in store. sheetal says but there is no fan there. Meethi syas so what? Sheetal says I am coming in a moment.

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Darpan says I wont cry I am a string girl. she says where are you ganesh? she says ganesh. Ganesh is near the tree. He recalls darpan saying you are not my brother from now. He recalls Mahesh saying you will always be with darpan.

All the three kids are playing darts on a paper on which they have written darpan. Sheetal says what are you doing? Pinky syas we hate her. sheetal says she is alone in this world. God never forgives the one who give pain to others. she is alone we should support her. Raghav regurgitates and says oh I am so sad. pin ky says she is and we wont let her live here. Sheetal stops raghav and says you are not like them you should think about darpan. H says sorry.

Meethi goes to dev and says what is all th8is? I know that I could give your bhao a kid. He brought darpan home? SHe is a snake’s daughter. He should rather have adopted some kid roaming on the roads. bhao comes in and slaps her on the face. He grasps her by hair. She screams. Bhao says look I that mirror. You are a snake and you lve here. why don’t you understand that she is my daughter. Learn to love kids. I think about bigger things that are out of your small brain.

Sheetal takes darpan store room. She says this is your room.Let me bring you a matress. darpan sits in a corner in tears and recalls how she used to live with her parents. Sheetal comes and says don’t cry. come here, Sit on this matress. She sits with darpan and says I have made this food for you. darpan says I don’t wanna eat it. SHe says ai used to make me eat with her hands. Sheetal says I can understand you miss your ai but you have to eat or she will feel bad. SHe says no one can replace your ai but I am like her. She makes her eat with her hands. Sheetal says I told you I am here with you. don’t cry. Darpan says I am crying for ganesh. He would be hungry. Ganesh comes in the house and calls darpan. darpan says did you hear it? Its ganesh. She says he is here. meethi says why are you back here? wild animal. I am not scared of you. Go or I will kill you.Ganesh stares at her. she is scared. Meethi says I was jus kidding you are a good boy. Your sister came here but you weren’t here so she went to forest. Poor girl. I sent her a lot of food. You should go and find her. darapn says I should go to ganes. I said too much to him please let me go. I have to go to him. meethi says why are you still staring at me? whol will save your sister. go before its too late. Darpan is running outside. When she comes outside ganesh has gone. meethi says did ganesh come here? meethi says no. meethi grasps her ear and says what you thought I will let you live here. I will bury you alive if you do anything wrong.

Precap-meethi maa is hitting a servant/ A woman comes and grunsts whats happening here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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