Bandhan 19th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 19th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
prabha brings food for darpan. Darpan is crying. prabha says you won’t even listen to ai. darpan says Gano sahib gave me everything I wanted why is he not giving me my brother. I won’t eat until he gives me my brother. I will not listen to anyone. Prabha stands up. she looks at the empty cot. she says show me some way God.

There the elephant is crying. Cops come in and says he hasn’t eaten anything since 48hours. Mashesh asks prabha did she eat anything/ She says no. Mahesh says you should eat you will get weak, she strats crying. He hugs her and says you have to be strong. Prabha says she hasn’t eaten anything how can I eat ? Why is God doing this to us. I will never pardon if he doesn’t do anything for her.

Darpan fnds a baby rat on her doorsteps. she says why are you not going outside? Go out and play. I am not in mood to. She says gano sahib took my brother because he was alone. Mahesh says nothing is going to happen itself. we should tell darpan everything. we have to tell her that he brother is never going to come.i will tell her everything. Darpan is not in her room. The look for her everywhere. Dapran is out with the rat. she says I will give you to gano sahib he will return my brother. Mashesh and prabha come out and look for her everywhere. Darpan is going to the tree. she says you are alone bacasue your rat friend isn’t with you, I have found your pal. Now can you please return my brother? The cage’s watchman goes to follow some voice darpan says hurry up I have to go home, ai baba must be looking for me.
orabha and Mahesh are in car looking for parpan. Dapran places the rat wth tree. The cage’s door open with a wind and elephant comes out. the elephant comes running to the place where darpan is. Dapran opens her eyes to his voice. the elephant comes near darpan. the elephant recalls its mom’s death. darpan recalls Mahesh’s words. your brother was chubby like gano sahib. Darpan touches the elephant. she smiles and says my brother has come.

Precap-mahesh says to prabha will ganesh do all that a brother can do for her sister? will he play with her swipe her tears. the hunters boss points a pistol at the ones he sent in jungle.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Thanks Atibha…. Love this show ……..

  2. Darpan has a gud eye…..
    she looks so innocent…
    and her mom nd dad looks nice….
    also ganesh chotasa haathe…..
    lovely family

  3. Dhanna Sarjoo

    This s what’sso amazing. When God take something from us, He gives us something far better in return. Know something amazing s going to happen between darpan and that baby elephant.

    1. yackk…!!
      illogical story
      doesnt ake any sense
      i domt like it
      i just watch it cause i like darpan

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