Bandhan 19th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 19th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Naraini says now I will stay here for ganesh’s protection. Bhao says we are enough for his protection. Don’t worry. she says I am worried because I have a heart. Also I will see how you treat other animals around you. Meethi says welcome I am meethi, his wife. You can come and live with us. Bhao says everyone go to your rooms and sheetal ganesh and darpan are your responsibilities. Take her to her room. Naraini says in heat I never knew we will be standing in front of each other after so long. Nothing is stronger than time.

Darpan says ganesh you are back that’s so good. darpan says you left me on scolding and now you are thinking I am crying. Ai used to say that there are happy tears as well. darpan says this house is weird, its not like our house. Sahku is bhao’s sister. Meethi maa is also very dangerous. They annoy me a lot but now you are back and I am happy. We have to be strong here. When baba come back we will go back to our house with him. Ganesh recalls Mahesh dying. Shaku comes in. She says bhao said ganesh can live in the house but not in this room. Darpan says its cold outside and ganesh is not well if he stays out he will get cold. Shaku says forgot my rules? No animals in the rooms. Darpan says all right.

Naraini says what you did God? How much will you test me. Years ago this man gave me pain and that was enough for me. I am strong but not enough to bear it again. If I shatter this I time I wont be strong again. Bhao comes in her room. He says I wanna sk you one question? why you came here? Naraini says the love of siblings and brought me here. Years I have prayed that I should never see your face again but we are affront after 12 years. What you started shall be ended by me. Bhao says it will only end if it starts. I am fire and don’t put your hand in it. You will end up getting burnt. Do you want a new bruise? Naraini says some wounds never heal they always bleed. And now the same pain in my strength, I am not the terrified and weak naraini now. SHe opens the door and asks him to leave. Bhao says in heart that elephant brought this woman back to my house? What if darpan gets to know about the secret.

its cold and raining outside. Ganesh dreams of the fire. Darpan is lying with him. She says why are you scared? you are my strong brother. Ganesh lies. Darpan says your temperature is high ganesh? She goes in and bring a bucket. SHe places cold water stripes on his forehead. Darpan says you have gotten weak. What happened to you? where were you for so many days? your sister is with you now. I will take care of you now and you will be strong again.

Scene 2
Next morning, naraini sees ganesh and darpan sleeping outside. She says darpan wake up. What happened to ganesh? Darpan says he has fever he was crying at night. Darpan says why didn’t you wake me up, darpan says I was scared and didn’t want to disturb anyone. narini says I am bringing doctor. Darpan says promise me you wont scare the doctor and don’t say no to injection, you will be fine. Doctor checks ganesh. He says darpan good that you put those stripes on him. He is very scared and tensed. Naraini says please treat him. Bhao says don’t worry about money doctor. Doctor says this place is not good for him, its very cold. naraini says darpan pack your stuff we are leaving. Darpan nods. bhao says what you mean? where are you taking my best friend. Naraini says its my duty to protect ganesh and darpan is not here well. I can’t leave them here. Is it the place for kids? I will file a complaint againt you but for now I am only taking them with me.

Precap-bhai takes off his shirt. Ganesh comes to him recalling prabha’s dead body.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. bring back Mahesh let darpan at least have her father with her so that they can live in their own house. for now this soap is just crap how can bhao get away with murders it is about time Mahesh comes and clear his name and put all of them in jail.

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