Bandhan 18th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 18th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Darpan is praying for her brother. The elephant in the jungle stands up with a scream. Mahesh is shocked. Mahesh says its about to give birth. she didn’t give up. Darpan says when me and my brother become one its called relationship. The elephant gives birth to its child. Mahesh says to elephant look at your child, don’t ever leave him alone. Pandit ji gives parsad to darpan. Darpan says I can’t eat it I asked for something else. Pandit ji asked what have you asked for? Dapran says I have asked to a brother. Pandit says he will give you your brother take this parsad.
The elephant looks at its child. The child stands up and comes near its mom. The elephant takes her child close to Mahesh. Mahesh soothes him and the elephant falls on the floor. its dies. The baby elephant sits with its mom. Mahesh is extremely upset. He asks the cops to get ready to dig the mother and take the child away. Basant comes to darpan and says come to hospital. Daprna says maa have called me? yayy my brother has come. thank you God.

Scene 2
Mahesh comes to hospital. prabha is lying alone. He sees her crying face and realizes what has happened. Prabha is weeping. Mashesh goes closer to her. Darpan is running to her parents as well. she says to Mahesh papa ai, she looks very happy. she asks has God brought my brother? I have brought parshad for him. where is my brother. is he sleeping? Prabha swipes her tears. The baby elephant cries as his mom is being buried. Darpan asks where is my brother? Mahesh hugs her. He says God is your friend. He came here and he has taken your brother with him. your brother was like gano sahib, chubby. Darpan says really? The cops are taking the baby elephant with them. Darpan says please papa take me to my brother. Mahehs says God has taken your brother with him. gano sahib is alone. He said can I take your brother. Darpan says you agreed and gave him my brother? You knew I wanted a brother why you gave him to Gano sahib. Prabha says come here. She hugs Darpan. prabha says Gano sahib said that darpan is my friend she can’t see me alone. She says sorry madea mistake. darpan says he can’t do this to me. I will get my brother. Mahesh says please try to understand you can’t get your brother. DApran says Gano sahib has to bring him back. prabha says don’t be stubborn. Darpan says send me to him. I wanna go to him. prabha says stop it. They both hug her. she is still crying.

the baby elephant recalls his mom’s death. Mahesh takes the family home. on the way he asks the cops how is the child/ Mahsehs says he isn’t eating anything. Its not easy to save him. Darpan looks at the truck. Prabha gives Prasad to darpan. darpan throws it out. Mashesh says lets go home. The elephant stands up and eat the Prasad.

Precap-darpan prays give me my brother gano sahib. The baby elephant comes to her/

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Although expected, very sad start to this series. sigh

  2. Dhanna Sarjoo

    I don’t think it’s sad. I think it’s amazing.

    1. Watching a sis lose a brother she already loved so much and never met….sad 🙁

  3. So so sorrowfull
    Love it love it

  4. I hate hunters dey r jz crap so many tyms dis happens in real also

  5. Prabha lost her and a baby Lost His Mother..

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