Bandhan 17th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 17th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
Mahesh is taking prabha to hospital. She is feeling a lot of pain.
The men in jungle are looking to elephant. Cops come in front of Mahesh’s car. he tells Mahesh that there is some mess in jungle. there are big digs found in the jungle. Mahesh says I think some people are trying to hunt the elephant. The elephant is screaming. Prabh says you can go they are your family too. God is with me. Nothing will happen to me. Mahesh asks basant to bring prabha to hospital. He says I don’t wanna leave you alone. Prabha says I have God with me. The elephant needs you. Darpan says papa we will come with brother. Mahesh along with other cops reach the jungle. Darpan sings the mantra for her mom.

The elephant is running to escape its life. Mahesh along with his men find different digs. He sees their white stone that they have places above the dig covers. The elephant is moving to the dig. it feels the dig and stops. Prabha is screaming. The car goes our of basant’s control due to another dig. Darpan says kaka do something. Prabha is screaming with pain. Dapran asks ai are you okay? they are down in the dig. The elephant comes running to them. Darpan says God has sent her to save us. Darpan says please save us. Basant says its a wild elephant it can kill us. The elephant hauls the jeep up. Darpans asy look I told you God has sent her to help us. The hunters listen to the voice and say the elephant is near. Mahesh is trying to contact basant but the walky talky falls down. Darpan says to elephant thank you God has sent you? I will tell my brother how you saved us. Dapran sits in the jeep and they start leaving. The hunters have seen the elephant. the elephant is running fast. it falls in a dig with a roar. Mahesh says the voice is coming from this direction lets go.

Scene 2
There basant and darpan reach hospital with prabha. Doctors take her in OT. The head hunter smiles looking at elephant and shoots. Prabha says to doctor please save my child doctor. Mahesh comes along with cops, the hunters run away. Mahesh says please arrange some aid this elephant shouldn’t die. The elephant is screaming with pain. Prabha is in a lot of pain.
The cop tells Mahesh that its not easy to save this elephant. Mashehs says we can’t leave her this way. The cop says I think she is pregnant.

prabha asks nurse where is my child? Nurse is quite. Mahesh gives teartement to the elephant. prabha says nothing should happen to my child. Darpan is out on road. she says where are you God. I wanna talk to you. Doctors are trying to save the child while Mahesh’s vet is trying to save elephant. doctor says I am sorry prbha we can’t save your child. the vet says to Mahesh w can’t save her. Prabha is crying hard. DApran Is praying for her brother. The elephant stands up with a scream. everyone is shocked.

Precap- the elephant gives birth to a child. Mashehs says to darpan god took your brother. Prabh says your brother can’t come now. darpan says send me to him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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