Bandhan 17th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 17th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
darpan says you broke your promise and came o my school. you were that blue tent elephant. Why you lied to me? I am really bugged I will never pardon you. I was about to give you a surprise but I wont now. Leave I don’t even wanna talk to you. She turns her back towards him and cries. Ganesh comes with the crushed bottle and lunch box and throws it in front of her. Darpan recalls lying to prabha. She says you came for me there? He nods. Did you get to know they were teasing me. I couldn’t tell you. I thought you must get mad and do something dangerous. I didn’t tell ai baba. They could cancel my name from school. You are the best brother. I have decided that we will both stay together and you don’t have to be the blue tent elephant any more. I have a gift for you for Diwali. go and take a bath then I will capture yur photo.

He goes out and takes the bath. She fills his form. Bhao comes there disguised as a mannequin. He says I am here to give you surprise. Dapran says I hav to fill this form for my brother. I will take him to school with me. he says you elephant brother? She says yes ganesh. He says why don’t you ask your dad to fill it. she says its a surprise for baba ai and ganesh. I will give it on ganesh’s birthday. He says I have a surprise for your dad too. Darpan says tell me. He says how will it be a surprise if I tell you.

Mahesh comes home and says where is darpan/ I haven’t played badminton with him since long. She says he must be with ganesh. He says no she isn’t. He says let me look out for her.

Darpan says I don’t know what to write in the third column. He says you have to write whats unique about him. she says he is normal there is nothing unique about him. He says he is fat with big nose and flat ears. darpan says you are making fun of my brother. he says no I just said it. SHe says if you call him fatty he minds it. he fills the form. DArpan says he must be ahppy to see the surprise thank you uncle. Mahesh is looking for darpan. He says close your eyes not I will tell you my surprise. Darpan covers her eyes. Mahesh comes there and says what are you doing here alone darpan. She says I wasn’ alone my friend was here but don’t know where he is gone. Mahesh says where does this uncle of yours live on trees? darpan says he lives in his house. darpan looks everywhere. Mahesh says lets go home. Mahesh says next time you meet him tell him I wanna meet home. bhao comes from the bushes and says I will plot all these things in your house through your daughter. I will ruin your image and career.

Scene 2
Darpan goes to admission office with ganesh’s form. Ragahv is there along with pinky. darpan says I am not scared of you all. I will complain the elephant if you do anything. Pink says elephant look at the form. They all laugh and says you will get him admitted in school. They call her elephant. techers come and ask what is happening here. pinky says she is my friend. Raghav says we were helping her in getting her brother admitted. He says I didn’t know you have a brother. Ragahv says he is an elephant. they all laugh. Teacher says you can’t laugh at someone if they are fat. He sees the form and is dazed. He says what is this? darpan says its admission form of my brother. he says so you want this elephant to be admitted here? darpan says he isn’t elephant he is my brother. He says go and ask you parents. Darpan says everyone knows that he is my brother. God gave him to me. he lives in my house, he plays and eats with me. He brings gifts for me as well. Teacher says are you mad? listen, you can keep anything in your house but not in school. This is a school not a circus. Darpan says he will learn everything. He likes making pals and playing with them. He came to school to play with kids. the blue tent elephant that came yesterday was my brother. He was bored at house. He says the wild animal that scared and beat kids was your brother. darpan says yes. He says this is too much.

Precap-teacher calls Mahesh and tells him that ganesh came to school and scared pupils. Mahesh sas to darpan he is wild and will always be. from now you won’t play or eat with him

Update Credit to: Atiba

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