Bandhan 17th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 17th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Darpan goes out of the room. Meethi Ma tries to stop Ganesh but he keeps walking. Darpan comes out of the house and sees Ganesh. She tells Ganesh to stop and he listens to her. She tells Ganesh that she told him that they will have to tolerate many things. She tells him to be calm as she doesn’t want them to know their plan. She tells Meethi Ma to feed him kheer-puri and he will get calm.

Darpan goes inside the house and sees Raghav. He tells her to be careful as its time for the real fun. He goes to Ganesh and tells that they both care for each other so much that his sister starts dancing on broken glass to save him. Ganesh gets angry but remembers what Darpan said. Raghav tells Ganesh that if something happens to him no one can save his sister. The house-help brings kheer and puri for Ganesh. Raghav tells Ganesh that no one has been treated so well in his enemy’s house. He tells him to eat the food and see his sister suffer. Ganesh gets angry and throws the kheer on him. Raghav gets anry and look at him.

Raghav tells Darpan to clean the kheer from his dress. She starts cleaning and they look at each other. He tells Darpan that his brother will have to suffer for her and she will have to clean the dirt that her brother will spread.

Meethi Ma scolds Darpan for deciding to cook the whole meal. She tells that she won’t let her take her place. Darpan tells Meethi Ma that she wanted to cook the food as she will have to cook for the elephant. Meethi Ma agrees.

Darpan tells Ganesh that if he finishes the vegetables she will be able to go out to buy them. Ganesh starts crying seeing her wound. Darpan tells him not to worry as she will be fine.He strarts eating. She thinks that she will have to go to Dev’s house.

Episode Ends

Precap: Raghav drops Darpan at the market. Dev tells VR that he will bring all the proofs soon.

Update Credit to: Tanya

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  1. this storyline is going on way toooooooooo long it is about time that we the viewers see much more progress in the scripts written we want justice for Mahesh and his wife we cannot take it any more and the torture that their daughter darpan is going through what did they do to be cursed with so much evil upon them and dev meethi pinky and vishwas rao who are so evil is enjoying life to the fullest this is not a good serial we want to get more scripts that makes sense because there is no sense to what is taking place in this serial the message is all wrong and one bad thing after one bad thing is happening and just keep moving on without being solved and the perpatrators are getting away with one bad deed after the other it is about time you writing put on you thinking caps and write reality scripts true to life

  2. This is one show I will stop watching ,reading and comment on from now on. Today is my last time watching this emotional and physical abuse of an orphan.If I keep watching this it is not going to help my stand on abuse of women and children,These writers have no heart.Ria has too walk on glass just to keep this elephant alive.Darpan is abused emotionally by blackmailing her in using the elephant.I cannot continue to watch this .

    1. Rosey i came on this site to write the commets about woman are not a toy for men and woman doesn’t have to dance for their tune . Tortured the orphan little girl horrible.You read my mind and wrote the comments. I am ashamed to see show like this in 21st centuary. Children,Man, woman and married couple supposed to respect each other. It’s really wrong to cast stories like this on universal Indian TV. Please come up with better stroy line other wise stop casting the show . It’s so painful to watch.

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