Bandhan 16th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 16th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
ganesh has crossed the boundary darpan made. He goes to some camps. He goes inside one and starts walking. he is hidden under it. He goes inside the school. He comes out of the tent and takes the water bottle. He hides agan. He walks along with the tent. He takes chocolate of another girl. pinky’s brother says I ma hungry. I will snatch someone’s box and eat something good . pniky says we are going on ride. ganesh drops the chocolate near him and says puts some glue that he stole on his bench. He sticks to the bench. Raghav and pinky are asking a boy to give them his cycle. They go to the see saw later. ganesh is coming in that direction. Suddenly ganesh comes in front of them. they are all shocked to see him. ganesh throws Raghav on the ground. Pinky says no don’t do this. Ganesh takes lunch box from him. He recalls them making fun of darpan in the assembly hall. Pinky says please stop don’t do this, She trips over a brick and falls on the ground, so does ragahv. they try to stand up and run again and again but they keep slippig ing the mud. all the students ocme there and make fun of those three while ganesh has hidden, Pinky and her brothers say there was an elephant. Everyone says where is it now? Teachers come and ask them to stand up. A student says an elephant came and he hit them. they all start chanting shame shame on them. Sanju says an elephant came in a blue tent. He wanted to kill us. pinky says I will tell my dad. He says shut up how can an elephant come here wearing a tent. A girl says its better that the elephant hit them. They tease everyone. The teacher says go to your classes. He asks them to go and wash up. Darpan comprehends who is it.

The school ends. Darpan says to driver drive fast I have to meet ganesh. Ganesh making his way to home before darpan comes. Ganesh is running fast.

darpan sees ganesh. he has reached the house. she says why you went out? He denies. Dapran says lets go and eat. she says there is something he is hiding I know. Prabha says to ganesh you will just stand here and do nothing ganesh. darpan says I was thinking the same, studends in school said an elephant came there and he was wearing a tent. prabha says must be a fake story. darpan says he was smart and amazing I fell in love with that elephant. ganehs cheers, darpan says I am not talking about you why are you happy. Prabha finish your food before baba comes. darpan says fatty why are you not like the blue tent elephant. He is very strong. he just hit all the bad students with his trunk. I made that elephant my best friend. He was more beautiful than ganesh. basant says you best friend was ganesh. SHe says yeah he was by now but I have grown up now.

Darpan is doing her homework. Ganesh comes in and tried to tell her it was him. She says I knew it was you.

darpan goes to her school where all the stduents make fun of pinky.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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