Bandhan 16th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 16th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bhao sees ganesh in darpan’s room. He moves towards him. Darpan comes in the room. She sees bhao coming in that direction. ganesh. bhao comes near the room. darpan is scared bhao trips and falls down. darpan hides ganesh. bhao says I saw him where can he go? This is not illusion. He is going in the room. naraini stops him and says why you keep roaming at night? He says take a side I have to check in room if ganesh is there. naraini says ganesh is dead how can he come in your house. bhao says let me check I will tell you. naraini runs after him. She says ganesh is dead how can he come here. bhao opens the door ganesh is standing there but darpan is hidden. bhao says you played hide and seek with me ganesh? Naraini says what is this? What do you think vishwas rao is fool? Naraini is tensed. She says I think you need treatment. who is there? ganesh is no where. he is dead. Bhao smiles. naraini says that loss has ruined your mind. there is not even a rat here. ganesh goes out from the door while bhao is talking to naraini. Bhao says there is a difference between rat and elephant and that elephant is here. meethi says whats happening here. Bhao says check if ganesh is in there. meethi says no one is here. bhao comes and looks in, he is shocked. He says wahts wrong with me I saw him here. Dev comes in and says why are you worried bhao? Bhao says did you see ganesh? dev says yes I saw him in temple. Bhao says I am talking about that elephant, dev says he is dead how can he come back. They all leave. Naraini heaves a sigh of relief.

Darpan says ganesh we would have been caught, thank God naraini aunty saved us.ganesh apologizes. naraini says when I see you I feel so good. everyone thinks bhao has gone mad.

Doctor comes and checks bhao. He says I see that elephant everywhere. Meethi says how can he see something who is dead. Docttor says this happens in two cases when you love someone or hate. Darpan says what you do? Bhao says I loved him.

bhao is watering plants. his head hurts. He says is this medicine or what? my head hurts. he sees ganesh coming in. He is coming in bhao’s direction. Darpan and naraini laugh at his condition. naraini says we mixed alcohol in his medicine. first he used to see one ganesh now four.

Bhao is worried in his room. He says that elephant has ruined my life. darpan comes in and says wahts wrong uncle. He says no nothing. naraini says who doesn bad to others is left alone in the end. your family left you here alone. Bhao says get lost from here. He leaves himself.

Bhao sees a red cloth outside from which he provoked ganesh to go to factory. He says I saw ganesh. I saw an injection. darpan says nothing is here. bhao says did you see that red ribbon? He sees ganesh coming in his direction.

Precap-bhao says look there your brother. darpan says I don’t see him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. tooooooooooo much hide and seek going on in this soap it used to be so good before with Mahesh his wife darpan and the elephant please bring back Mahesh to much shit going on in these scripts or get another writer this soap has gone down

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