Bandhan 13th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 13th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
darpan says to ganesh I will come back and teach you and we will have loads of fun.

Mahesh takes her to school. He says I know you are upset without ganesh. You are doing this all for him. yiu have to study to teach him. You will make new friends and you can bring them home to introduce them to ganesh. Don’t do anything that will bug ganesh. The correspondent comes and says so here is the girl who will be in our school now. Welcome to the school. Come to me I will lock you in classroom. just joking don’t worry. Mahesh says I will come to pick her up. Darpan says God stay with me. The man takes darpan with him. She goes inside the school. Prabha says to ganehs lets go get home. Darpan will come and meet you. baasnt says sitting here won’t bring darpan home early. Prabha sees the line and says he won’t from here until darpan comes. bring his food here. Prabha says darpan is so lucky to have a brother like you ganesh. The man show darpan her class and says you can go now. Darpan sees kids everywhere. She is confused. Suddenly he sees shadow of an elephant. She runs In that direction but it is just her assumption. She is seeing ganesh everywhere. DArpan sees bhao in the garden. he says when I had my first day at school everyone wished me good luck. he has brought an idol and says keep It with you. I wanted to thank you. darpan says my papa says don’t take anything from strangers. he says its your first day your gano sahib should be with you. darpan takes it. she says I am missing my brother a lot. He says don’t worry everything will be fine. who is your first friend? She saysthe crying uncle. He says go and attend your class.

Scene 2
Mahesh asks did dev tell anything ? He says no. Mahesh says its time to hit him on mind not on body.

Darpan sees that two girls are ragging a new guy. they are asking him to do ups and down. and she asks him to give his shirt to her. Everyone laughs and claps. She throws It on the fan. he says give my shirt back? She says go take it yourself. Darpan jumps and takes the shirt from the fan. Everyone is dazed. She returns the shirt to the kid. THe girl gives her furious looks. She says hi, are you new? Darpan says yes. She asks where did you learn this jumping from? Darpan says I learnt them monkeys. She says do you live in jungle. Darpan says yes I do. She says that means you ar wild. She throws a bottle on door and says go wild bring this. pupils are throwing stuff at her and she catches it. They all chant wild wild to darpan. in charge comes in and says what is this? Pinky says she was fighting with me. darpan says no she was fighting with me. In charge says pinky patel looks like I have to call your parents again. Get out of the class. darapan goes and sits at a desk. in charge says you all know darpan is the new student here. Lets start the class.

Basant brings food for ganesh. He places it aside. Basaant says eat it or I will slap you. darpan is not eating her lunch as well. she recalls how happy ganesh was to come to school. she packs her lunch.

Precap-pinky says she is the one who threw me out. She and her fiends are hitting her. They break her lunch box.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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