Bandhan 13th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 13th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
darpan hides with fear. meethi maa says pital you are here. I was looking for you everywhere. I should have known that you will be seen here. You have to be friends with new bride and tell her that meeti maa is evil. I will hot you so ahrd that your brain will come out. Bride says she was appreciating you. meethi maa says did I ask you to speak? she says I am sorry. Meethi maa says listen to me what I am about to say. If you become one against me I will hit your cheeks with slipper. it will be red forever. Bride says we were just.. meeti maa ays I was just entertaining you. pital will bore you to death. Pital says I am going to get the kids read. meethi maa says do I look scary? I love you a lot. Everything you will do in this house will be according to my consent.

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Darpan syas in heart I have to find crying uncle. He must be here and he would help me in finding ganesh. she sees the man with dev who said to her he hasn’t seen ganesh. She is shocked to see dev. she says wht Is he doing here. I have to find ganesh.

Darpan is hiding in the function and tries to find ganesh. She says where could he be? dev’s man is giving food to ganesh so he doesn’t scram. Pinky sees darpan. She says sanju raghav come here darpan is here. whn she turns back darpan has ran.

Darpan collides with a man. h says why are you scared? whats your name? Dev calls him man and says ganesj’s scream is coming in the function. He says he is demanding onion, I don’t know what to do. Dev says I will shoot him after my engagement. Darpan says I am looking for my brother. He asks is he lost in people? she says no a bad man has kidnapped him. He says stop crying nothing will happen t your brother. Dev comes in that direction. The man says I will help you in finding your brother. Darpan says he must be outside. I will look for him outside. Dev is coming in their direction. dev asks the man where is that girl? He says why are you after that little girl. Dev says stop annoying me He goes to look for darpan.

The man says don’t be angry I will look outside. You should look in and see if there is akid ganesh. That little girl was looking her brother ganesh. Dev is shocked to know this. he figures out the girl was darpan. dev leaves>

dev calls someone an says ranger’s daughter is here I will kill them both. Drpan hears in and is scared.

Scene 2
Pravha comes to darpan’s room. she says darpan.. wake up please eat something. You have not eaten anything since morning. when she take off the sheet she is shoked to see the pillows.

ddarpan says what if this uncle catches me. what will I do. She says how will I find my brother. Please help me I will gove you moon. she sits there in distress. A man comes to dev and says lets go for dance. its your big day we have to dance. darpan heaves a sigh of relied. Surriya welcomes everyone to the event. Dev’s men are looking for darpan everywhere. darpan Is under the table.

The function starts as the bride comes in. Meethi maa takes payal to the stage. She sits beween payal and dev. Everyone laughs. She says payal knows entertainment. All the kids come to dance with masqueraded faces. Pinky says I don’t wanna dance. Her mom syas you have to dance. sanju says I don’t wanna dance. She says bary papa is about to come he will angry to know that you haven’t danced. They put on some lame moves. darpan wears a mask and join the kids as well. Raghav changes the song to ‘abhi to party’. All the kids take their masks off except for darpan.

PRecap-darpan and ganesh are running. darpan says run fast ganesh. someone catches darpan. ganesh stops as well. its bhao who has held her hand.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i want this bhao and dev to get out of this serial

  2. come on ranger of the forest start doing some work try clearing your name and getting back your job so you can find the bad men who framed you with the elephant tusks at your home. what was so stupid was how on earth someone could get into you home so easily without anyone seeing them and put all that junk framing you poor storyline come on ranger get going.

  3. Wow darpaan maa is so s*xy

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