Bandhan 13th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 13th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

raghav says in heart i didn’t meet him at all last night then whom is he talking about? he must be talking abou darpan. He hears ria says baba take the tea. darpan gives tea to bhao. he says i needed the tea. She says wont you give me blessings. Darpan gives tea to meethi maa. meethi says you didn’t need to make it. I don;t like if somone enters my kitchen without permission. darpan says raghav would you like some tea? raghav is still dazed, she recalls coming from back door which opens in the kitchen. Ragav nods and leaves. Bhao says whats wrong with him Ria says baba i will see him. darpan gives tea to pinky. she says how you got your gand burnt? pinky says from pan. it will be okay.

darpan asks sanju would you like some tea? she gives him the tea. Baba comes and says you wont be safe, sanju is scared. Bhao says i am saying this is tea not wine. sanju says what are you saying? Bhao says you know very well what i am talking about.

darpan gives tea to raghav and says i made it myself, your dad liked it. Drink it please. she places it on table. Raghav dips his fingers in the tea, darpan says what are you doing ? take it out, it will burn your fingers. He grasps her by hair. she says leave me raghav. he says is it paining? i have been living with more pain since 10 years. when i think about it i recall the pal who killed my mom.

Later, darpan calls but the call doesn’t connect, she say i should try again. someone picks the call, darpan says kajri? the woman says there is not kajri here. darpan says you do the dance, we have a great deal for you. She says we don’t do any such thing. ria hears ganesh’s scream. she says how did he come here. She goes out and ses ganesh with a blue cloth on his face, darpan says what is he doing here. Raghv comes and says i brought him. i didn’t give you any gift on wedding night. the best gift for you is your brother ganesh,

Precap-raghav breaks a glass and says if you want ganesh’s life then eat this glass.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What is wrong with Raghav?Hatred is eating him out.Why should RIA/Darpan should eat a broken glass.Are these writers starting a magical circus show where they do all these crazy stuff.This is unbelievable.

  2. what shit is this what is wrong with these writers how on earth could raghav ask darpan to eat glass this is not logical writers again shit shit shit and more shit what next come on dodo heads end this serial instead of writing sooooooooooooooooo much shit

  3. This show isn’t going anywhere Darpan/Ria character is always suffering writers what is wrong with all of you?! Enough already. I had stop watching when she was younger and bhao household use to torture her i love children and i don’t even want to see it played out on my tv screen where someone is hurting them,now she is all grown up now and it’s still the same garbage nothing get solved in this show why don’t you ppl just end it

  4. Seems like most of the stories are involved in crime and kidnapped scenes. stories like this not teaching good values to public. We are hoping writers will come up with good stories in the future!!

  5. yh zeetv wale sare pagal ho gaya kya.. ek v show achhi nhi lgti yaar

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