Bandhan 13th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 13th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
darpan blackens the name of vishwas rao. She says with my new friend and my brother I will expose murderer uncle. I will punish him for what he did to my parents. Darpan recalls when she said to ganno sahib that she would never come to him. She says I am sorry I and young I don’t get things. Lets be buddies. will you help me in exposing him? She sees bhao coming out. Darpan hides behind the wall with ganesh. Darpan says ganesh he must have gone to factory to see if you have died or not if he doesn’t find you there he will be after you. Lets go there and do something.

bhao is on his way. Darpan and ganesh go from the forest. Bhao come to factory with his men. he sees the broken lock. He picks it and enters the ware house. Ganesh is nowhere. HE comes out and slaps his man. he says how did he run from here? I want him alive or dead. His man says yes I will. Bhao gives him gun. After a while his man comes and says elephant isn’t in factory. Bhao says I get it a little now. He is an elephant where can he hide? Someone broke the door for him. His man says where can he go? Bhao says he will go to his sister. Before he reaches her we have to catch him. They hear ganesh’s voice and follow it. Bhao says the voice came from here. They see footsteps of ganesh. They follow the footsteps. His man says these steps are going to the lake. They go to the lake. Bhao shoots in water and says you made it easy for me ganesh? My plan never fails. He says ganesh was in chamber and came here for water. He fell in here and died. We heard water as well. Bhao laughs. He says forgive me ganesh.

ganesh and darpan are hidden. DArpan says I have to go there and if don’t go he will know. I need to find proofs against him. I have to clean baba’s name. I know you are worried for me but he wont harm me. He doesn’t know that I know his reality. Now don’t make any noise. She slips off his anklets and leaves.

Meethi and bhao are in lounge. Meethi tells bhao darpan is here. Bhao says my best friend where were you? I was looking for you. You have to stay strong don’t worry. God will make it all better. your brother ganesh fell in the lake and drowned there. darpan sees ganesh’s photo with a garland on it. Bhao says till I am alive I will take care of you. darpan goes to the photo and says in heart that he thinks ganesh has died. Darpan takes off the garlan from photo and says who did this? ganesh must be alive. Nothing has happened to him. He will never leave me alone. Bhao says God she is such a little girl stop giving her pain. your brother has died. Darpan says nothing has happened to him. naraini says we should leave darpan alone for sometime. Bhao says you are right no one should talk to her. Bhao says in heart like your ai baba died, your ganesh did too. what will happen to you now darpan.

Darpan says in heart what could I do? I cant see garland on ganesh’s photo you know he is alive. I wont let this garland on photo. ganiya was right I have to take off his mask. Narini comes and says darpan, darpan is scared.

At night, bhao comes to darpan’s room and tries to kill her. He says you thought you would play games with me and I wont know? you concealed ganesh and thought I wont know? it was ganesh’s dream. he stands up in tension. bhao says in heart why did darpan said ganesh cant die? I have to check. He goes to darpan’s room. darpan sees ganesh coming in the house and bhao from the other side.

Precap-bhao says my best friend I was coming to you. ganesh hides. bhao says where are you looking?

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Darpan has the proof with her, the chain she’s wearing got the proof of her dad’s innocence

  2. it is high time that bhao is exposed for who he really is come on writers let ganesh be the cause of bhaos death please let ganesh trample bhao and throw him over the cliff but not before he is exposed by darpan for the criminal he really is

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