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Bandhan 11th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Darpan is looking for ganesh. Dev’s men are locking the truck. Dev says ganesh don’t says a word or I will shoot her. Darpan comes near the truck. She says where could he go? Dev’s men are covering the truck. darpan says uncle have you seen my brother ganesh? He says no. daprna says you must have seen him. he is fat with large ears and nose. The man says no we haven’t seen her. They say lets go. The truck starts and they are taking ganesh with them. Dev says ganesh you brain is as fat as you are. you have risked your life for that girl. the driver says that girl considers this wild her brother. dev says we have seen a lot of love in the world but no of this kind. Darpan is still looking for ganesh in the jungle. She says at least say something. She screams

his name again and again. Dev calls and says you have to give me 2 crore and take this elephant. cash on delivery.

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Darpan looks everywhere for ganesh but she can’t find him. She starts to get worried. Dev and his men reach somewhere. dev asks him men to keep an eye on him. He says I have sell him before my engagement. bhao shouldn’t know that we have this will animal. I am going to see the arrangements.

Mahesh gets his notice to vacate the house in one week. He is dazed . Prabha comes and says what did they say? what is this? He stands aside. Mahesh says we have to leave the house. He says we have the notice period of one week. Prabha is startled. She says how is that possible ? where will we go. your department gives notice of one month. darpna comes home. she asks have you seen ganesh? Mahesh says to prabha don’t tell her anything. Mahesh goes to darpan. Sh says did ganesh come here/ I am looking for him since long. Mahesh says I have not seen him. He must be here. He cant leave his sister. Darpan says I have rummaged whole forst but couldn’t find him . Prabha syas he must have slept somewhere. He will come home when he gets hungry. Darpan says he can’t stay hungry for a moment. I will never play with him.

ganesh is shaking the whole truck in anger. Dev’s men say what is he doing ? They are scared. The tyre are punctures. Suddenly he stops shaking it. One says lets go in and check what is he doing. They are looking for a safe way to get in.

darpan says am realyy angry with you ganesh. She hears some noise. She thinks its ganesh when she goes out its a now. She is upset. She recalls when ganehs was tryig to tell her something but she insisted on playing hid and seek.

Dev comes and He says you cant even control and elephant. He ran from our detention. He says I want that elephant. Go and find him. ganesh in going towards his house. Dev and his men are looking for ganesh everywhere. they see ganesh and dev says go and catch him. they run after ganesh. ganesh goes in a ware house. den and his men reach him there. DEv says we have t get him before bhao comes. ganesh takes a rod in hi trunk and starts hitting them. They are all sacred. He hit them all with different stuff.

darpan is crying, prabha comes to her. she hugs darpan. darpan says gnaehs has left me. He is missing since morning. prabha says don’t worry he will come back. he was with you. darpan says I lef him alone in forest. prabha says he know all the ways. Darpan says he wanted to tell me something but I didn’t listen to him and I got angry. I thought he is just trying to cheat. they took him.

Mahesh’s friend tells him that Bhao has arraged his brother’s enagegemnt and DG is invited. Mahesh gets cal from, prabha she tells him everything. Mahesh looks for ganesh everywhere with his pal.

Dev syas come to me or I will not leave your family. ganesh shoves him. Dev says come or I will kill your family. he asks his man to bring the gun.

prabha says to darpan that baba has gone to find him. Go and freshen up. I will call baba and ask him. Mahesh comes home and tells prabha that they couldn’t find ganesh anywhere. Darpan overhears that. Dev loads his gun.

Precap-darpan comes to the venue to dev’s engagement while looking fr ganehs.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Dis show is jst not nterestin

  2. I agree this show is just not interesting anymore it is straying too much from the issue it is about time that darpans father the ranger prove his innocence and show that he was set up instead of doing that it is all different sorts of distractions coming in to the show writers if you all do not know what other script to write bring the show to an end but right now this show is losing all its ratings it is not interesting any more. dev and his brother is getting away with murder. bullshit

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