Bandhan 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 11th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ganesh recalls when darpan hugged him. Darpan looks at sky and says ganesh look your sister is in this house. this is te first step. we will raech our destination soon. please take care of my brother God. Ganesh is on the cliff. dev finds him and points a gun at him. He sees rakhi in ganesh’s foot. He says you look domestic,go and look for his master, must be near. go and cathc him. dev says let your master come, i will see who in dalma can mess with vishwas rao. His men come and tell him that there are no humans around. Dev says he must be near, he will come when we shoot this elephant. Ganesh shoves him a little and the gun falls from his hand. DEv asks his men to push him back. Ganesh shoves them. Dev hits him with a stick but ganesh shoves him again. They run from there.

Pinky comes to darpan and says why are you standing at the window. dapran says i was talking to moon and starts. Pinky says i never knew you were poet type. Meethi maa has sent this milk as shagun of your wedding night. If ragahv tease you let us know. darpan says didn’t all people come in the wedding? pinky says my parents didn’t come because they live abroad rest of all people were here. darpan wonders she didn’t even know about them then where have they gone? no one knows about them.

Ragahv comes to the room. He says to darpan what are you doing? darpan says i don’t need to tell you, i will do what i want. He grasps her hand. darpan says leave me. Raghav says your hand? He pushes her against the wall. he says you will scream? go scream. this is my house, this is my room. and practically speaking you are mine as well. And if i want i can do anything with you. you are my wife after all. now listen to me, you will do as i ask you to. you will follow all my orders. darpan says you are right, this all is yours but i am not weak. I can go to vishwas rao and tell him that i am darpan. then? he will shoot me. what will happen to your revenge? it will be incomplete and he will stop trusting you. I am pardoning your for mistake don’t do this again. She goes to bed and says good night husband and sleeps. She looks out and sees raghav takes off his shirt. she closes her eyes. raghav comes near her. darpan says raghav stop raghav, don’t come. he comes near her and is about to kiss her. Darpan closes her eyes, when she opens raghav is lying on bed next to her. He says what you thought i will be with you? my taste is not that bad. this is my room and my bed, go and find your place to sleep. I am really tired. darpan sleeps on the sofa. When rahav sleeps darpan wakes up and goes out covering herself in a shawl. she goes out sanju says who is it? sanju is drunk. darpa covers her face.

Precap-ragahv wakes up and sees darpan is not there. he says where can she go?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. writers shit again please bring this serial to an end it is not interesting anymore nothing has been solved from since the beginning of this serial no justice at all come on writers do you believe in evil like what you are writing this is no good

  2. that is so true, they drag out these Indian soap so much that you loss interest in them and most of all it end up meaningless

  3. Thought the same story going nowhere

  4. Isn’t sleeping on the sleeping arrangements reminds us about Abhi and Pragya in KKB,when Abhi threw her off the bed and she was sleeping on the sofa.Now I believe the writers pens have no ink and all the writing pads are finished because why are they continually taking ideas from other shows and adding it to another.Marriage becomes a joke .No damn taste in these writings.I had loved to watch this show because of the close relationship Darpan had with this animal and also her parents.Now I don’t. know what are they showing us.

  5. Did they change the elephant he looks different?

  6. Woman are not man slave. I don’t understand mentality of the story. once woman became married woman doesnt’mean husband can do anything with her. woman are not a toy. Please writers this is 21st centuary man and woman are equal and supposed to respect to each other. we don’t like Raghav harsh words towards Riya (Darpan)

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