Bandhan 11th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 11th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ria recalls what happened in the office, sameer comes and sits. ria did you get to know anything? i felk like he wanted to tell me something. He wanted to show me that locate. Sameer says you worried thats all. lets focus on coffee. ria says who eats black coffee He says i like the things just the way they are, coffee is better black. Ria says black coffee’s character is sharpness. btw what we have to do today? He says we have to wait. waiter places a file on table. ria sas what is it? He says see it yourself. It has sameer
s photographs on cover page. She says when will my photo feature there.
She sees her photo in the magzine. ria says i am so happy. He says you need to be on front cover rather back cover, you will take part in all india photography competition.

Ganesh is thinking what ria’s parents said today. Someone kick a ball at him. He sees darpan there. Ganesh stands up and goes towards her She says ganesh will you recall me everything? will you help me, ganesh nods. Suddely he sees darpan is gone.

Ria is n forest with sameer. He says i want you to understand this professional camera. she says i will read the manual. last time you asked me not to touch your camera. he says thats what i said last time, now do as i say. He guides ria about the camera, he holds her. ria is close to him. ria says i will capture the nest, that is the place where young ones open their eyes, its very creative. how can you call relation of a mom and child useless. I am sad that you are forgetting that you have a mom too and she must be waiting for you. He says no one waits for me, my mom is not in this world. Ria says i am sorry. He says why are you saying sorry? That wont bring my mom back. She was murdered. ria says who killed him? Ria says she was young and innocnet. I shared all her pain, i used to help her with ever problem. He recalls helping darpan every time. I shared everything i had with her even the love of my mom. what she gave me in return> She took my mom from me, she killed her. she killed my emotions and trust and ran away. he crumples the cane of bear in his hand. My eyes are looking for that girl. I lived 10 years without my mom and when i found her, i lost her because of that girl. What i did to her? Why she did this to me? I helped her everywhere, i stood with her then why she did this? I wont pardon her. ria says she was a young girl why did she kill your mom? Sameer says that is what i don’t know why she did this to me. Ria says waht was her name? He shows her the mirror? ria says me?

Precap-sameer says i have to meet someone. Ria says it it important? ria says more important than my life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. writers bring back this storyline the way it is used to be in the beginning tooooooooooo much killing and criminal activities going on in this soap which is not a good message to viewers remember children are watching bhandan also

    1. i agreee wid u

  2. Yes I’m also agree with you..

  3. writers I have already said my part concerning this soap now it is up to you to do what needs to be done rewrite your scripts sorry that it has come to this but it is the only way I see

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