Bandhan 10th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 10th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bhao says why you trust him so much? Darpan says I asked for a brother and he gave me. Though he is bit different but he is my brother. Bhao says my brother is weird as well. How is yours? She says he is full of fun. He syas so is mine. He is quite lazy. Darpan says no my brother is vbery smart he saves me from all the trouble. bhao says when he tries to help me everything goes wrong and God never helps me. Darpan says he will you have to wait. Bhao says when? Darpan says where is he? Bhao says he ia far away. darpan says me and my brother will find him don’t worry. He asks where is your brother? Dapran says he is outside. Lets go and meet him. She holds his hand and takes him out. Darpan says look ganesh someone wanna meet you. Bhao is shocked gto see ganesh. Darpan says here is my brother ganesh. Ganesh steps back when he looks at bhao. DArpan says he is my brother God has sent him for me. Darpan says he is being shy. He does this with new people. Mahesh is calling darpan. she says I am here. She says will you meet my dad? he says yes. whats his name? darpan says baba’s name is baba. darpan points at prbha and mahsh there is dad. darpan says come baba meet my pal. When she takes them there bhao has left. Mahesh says who was it? Dapran says he was here. He became my pal. Vishwas is hidden behind bushes. He says what a key God. You became the hero. Mahesh is doing the pooja with family. Bhao says forgive me for what I have done. Look what I do. I will give you a shock ranger.

Darpan wears the uniform. she is so happy she says look baba how is it? He says you look champ. She says it will look God on ganesh too? Where will we get uniform of his size. Lets go baba ganesh wants to go to. Mahesh says darpan, ganehs can’t go with you to school. Darpan is dazed.

Basant says to ganehs now you will go to school with this cap and bottle. He nods. Basant says you won’t go. darpan says why baba? If I can go why not him?Prabha says because only you have been admitted to school. dapan says he won’t do anything wrong. Please let him come with me. how old are you? Sh says 9. He says how old is ganesh. she says3? Mahesh says yes he is very small. He can’t go to school. Darpan says how will he become smart if he doesn’t go to school. Mahesh says you will teach him everything you will learn in school. darpan says he will be alone. Prabha says I will be here wit him. Mahesh says you have to become elder sister. Mahesh says if you come first he will be the happiest one. Ganesh comes in with the basket. Darpan says he is very happy with his lunch box. Mahesh says you hve to tell him that he can’t go. He will listen to you for sure. They go out. Darpan says to ganehs come here.

Darpan says gansh you can’t come with us. You are very small. You know you can’t be admitted in school. Mahesh and darpan sit in the car. Ganehs is not letting them go. darpan says leave the car ganesh don’t make me angry. I will never talk to you again. He leaves the car. Mahesh and darpan sit in the car and leave for the school. darpan is in tears. Ganesh is following them, Mahesh stops the car. darpan says I will talk to him baba. She goes out and says why are you not going back? darpan makes a circle around ganesh and says you won’t come out of it.

Precap-darpan is alone in school. She is thinking about ganesh all the time. Kids are everywhere around her. She goes out and bhao comes to her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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