Balika Vadhu Season 2 7th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Anandi wants to study

Balika Vadhu Season 2 7th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sejal saying you will be sensible now, tell me, what do you want, your parents would have been so happy if they were alive, ask anything you want. Anandi lies in her lap and says I want something. Sejal asks her to tell her what she wants. Anandi says I want to study further, I have got admission in a big college, that too with scholarship, I will do the course and then come home, I can help Kaku after doing this textile design course, please permit me, just you understand me, you can give me this birthday gift. Jigar looks on and says no, I will announce to the world that you are my wife, you just need me, nothing else. Maadi baa says yes, he is right, its time to tell the people that you are our house bahu and Jigar’s wife, focus on the household, not studies. Anandi says bahus can also study. Maadi baa says you don’t have to run the house, just become a good wife and a good bahu. Jigar says we are leaving for Raigarh today, I will meet some friends and come. He goes. Anandi cries. Jigar says this gift is nice for Anandi, I will give this on my suhaagraat. Maadi baa asks about Vikrant. Diya says they left at night, Kiara had gone for her admission. Mehul says Anand will leave for US tomorrow, you can stay for one day and see him off. Maadi baa says its good he is going, his thinking doesn’t match us, he is modern. Bhairav says what can we do, their thinking is different.

Maadi baa says we have imp work in Raigarh, its Anandi’s 18th birthday tomorrow. Bhairavi says there should be a grand birthday party, its freedom for children, because they take decisions themselves, I m sure Anandi will take her decisions herself, right. Maadi baa says this doesn’t happen again, elders decide for the children’s life here. Kanku comes there. Bhairavi asks her to sit. Anandi cries. She goes and collides with Anand. She goes. He asks what happened to her. Kanku says she got the admission in a college, she wants to study but Maadi baa isn’t permitting her. Anand says I will talk to her. She says no, its impossible to convince them. Anandi cries and gets herself hurt. Kanku comes and asks where is your lost. Anandi cries and says I want to study and become something, I will do something, its our decision which way we choose, I won’t let the fate decide my way, I will make one try, I will talk to Jigar. Kanku says this is happening because of him. Anandi says Jigar can help in this, I will try to convince him. She calls Jigar. He says just one day and then we won’t be away. He answers the call. She asks him to come and meet her. He says I m coming. He says finally, she understood what will happen from tomorrow. Bhairavi gifts the jewellery to Diya. She says I have kept things for Anand’s wife also. Anand comes there. Diya asks what happened. He says mom, I need your help to convince Anandi’s family, she got the admission and wants to study further.

Jigar waits for Anandi. She comes to meet him. He asks what’s the matter that you called me. She says I want to ask for something. He smiles and asks her to say. He says its the first time you asked me for something, tell me, do you want bangles or earrings. She says I know you didn’t have lunch, I made your fav noodles, come and have it. He eats it and says its really good. She says I saw the youtube recipe and made it. He feeds it to her.

Bhairavi says sorry Anand, you know Maadi baa, she doesn’t change her decisions, whatever happened with Kanku, you know, we have business relations with them, we can’t interfere in their personal matters, sorry. Anand says fine, thanks. Diya says don’t upset Anand more, he doesn’t share his real feelings, he will be fine, don’t worry. Bhairavi says I wish I could give him happiness. Anandi asks do you want my happiness. Jigar asks what do you want. Anandi says I want to go to college. Jigar gets shocked.

She says I want your help in convincing everyone, I want to study, its a matter of three years, please. He throws the noodles bowl. He scolds her. He says I won’t let this happen. She says please, its imp for me, let me study. He says explain me, we have one day between us, then your every night will be our night, I will show you my love, on our first night, if you please me by your body and heart, then I will think of your studies, this gift is for you. He shows her the nightie. He says its a gift for our first night. He goes. She cries.

Anand says this book is for you. He motivates Anandi. Jigar hugs Anand and warns him. He throws the books gifted by Anand.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. How long is Jigar going to act in this series? He is very violent, cruel, rude n such a mean VILLAIN – hate him – his looks n especially his acting!!!:-(?

  2. Hi Cammie He has alot of ego what does he think of himself jigar always gets on my nerves

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