Balika Vadhu Season 2 29th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Jigar blames Anand

Balika Vadhu Season 2 29th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Jigar coming to join Anand and Anandi’s gang. He says lets play truth and dare, we aren’t feeling sleepy. Anandi says fine, I will get chocolate milk for you. Jigar explains the game rules. Anandi’s turn comes. She says truth. Anand says she always tells the truth. Jigar asks what were you doing at night. She says its easy, I just came to see Kanku. He asks did you see her. Anand says just one question once. They play. She asks who do you like the most in our family. Anand says you, because you are just like me. Jigar chooses dare. Anand says its fun, you have to do garba here. Jigar asks without music. Anand says yes. Jigar does garba. They laugh seeing him.

Anand also chooses dare. Jigar says call Kanku and tell her that Madhav has come to meet her. Anand thinks why is he giving such dare, he knows Kanku isn’t at home. Kanku says I trusted you Madhav. Madhav says we have to handle this sensibly, we have to tell the truth and get forgiven, we can win their trust. She says I m going back home, if they don’t accept you. Anandi says don’t involve Kanku in our game, end this game. Jigar says I was joking. Anand asks Anandi what’s the marriage’s correct age according to you. Anandi looks at Jigar.

She says I don’t know, we will go and sleep now. Anand thinks what will happen tomorrow. Madhav pacifies Kanku. Its morning, everyone is ready to leave for the temple. Jigar thinks I will reveal Kanku’s secret at home. Maadi baa says we shall go and treat the groom’s family well. Sejal asks Anandi to make Kanku ready. Anandi goes to see Kanku. Everyone leaves. Anandi looks for Kanku. She sees sorry written on the mirror. She shouts. Sejal and Diwari hear her and rush. Jigar smiles. They cry. Anandi recalls Anand. She cries. She says Kanku has run away from the house. Diwari asks what do you mean, tell me. Sejal tries to call Prem. She thinks we have to reach there and tell them. Everyone is shocked. Jigar says Kanku has run away. Anandi says all this happened because of Anand. Jigar says check mate. Anandi goes to Anand. She says you cheated all of us, I got this check list, its your handwriting. Anand gets silent. The groom’s family comes and scolds them. Anandi says its Anand’s mistake. Mehul asks why did she run away. Jigar says because she didn’t want to marry this guy, Anand provoked her to run away. Anand thinks why is Jigar doing this. Jigar blames Anand. Diwari shouts enough, where is my daughter. Jigar says Kanku has run away with Madhav. Anand says stop the drama, you and Anandi know that Kanku loves Madhav. Anandi says I told you, its wrong to run away, you are so bad. Anand worries.

Bhairavi asks is this true. Anand says yes, but its not like Jigar is saying. Maadi baa asks did you help Kanku in running away, yes or no. Anand says yes, I helped her, she doesn’t want to marry, she loves someone, she has a right to choose her life partner, love is necessary in marriage, Kanku doesn’t love this guy, its unfair with her, why can’t she get her love, I thought she deserves a chance. Madhav brings Kanku there. He says so you influenced her to leave the house and come to me. Kanku cries. Everyone gets shocked. Madhav says I love Kanku so I got her back, I don’t want to get her this way. Anand recalls Kanku’s words. Anandi thinks why did Anand do this.

Voiceover: Coming future always defies the old traditions.

Anand is coming to break the bounds, by becoming Anandi’s new morning.

Update Credit to: Amena

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