Balika Vadhu Season 2 23rd November 2021 Written Episode Update: Kanku confesses her love for Madhav

Balika Vadhu Season 2 23rd November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sejal worrying and sending Anandi away. Anandi goes. Sejal thinks one day, Anandi will know about this law, what will she do then. Maadi Baa is happy. She asks Diwari to distribute sweets, Kanku got a good alliance. Everyone smiles. Bhairavi says Kanku is too young. Diwari says she is 18 years old now, legally she can get married. Anandi asks how is law related to marriage. Bhairavi says law doesn’t mean police, its police’s duty to maintain the law, a girl can get married when she is 18 years old or above, child marriage is a crime. Anandi recalls Khim ji’s words. Maadi baa asks Anandi to stop thinking, and get tea for everyone. Anandi goes.

Bhairavi says don’t feel bad, Kanku is too young, my Diya is also 18 years old, I can’t imagine about her marriage, a girl has other things than marriage. Maadi baa says we see her bright future in this marriage. Bhairavi gets a call. She says think again. She goes on the call. Kanku worries. Diwari says Kanku is shy. Kanku says I want to talk to you, its wrong to get me married. Diwari asks why, you turned 18 now. Maadi baa explains Kanku. Kanku says you want to get rid of me, you both cheated me. He goes crying. She asks Anandi to help her, she doesn’t want to do this marriage. Kanku cries. Anand comes and says just say no to Diwari aunty. Kanku says its not easy to say no, we have to respect elders. He says if you are not comfortable with their decision, even then. She nods. He says this is pathetic, you have to be aware. She says I m aware, I have my future plans to study well and then marry Madhav. Anandi says he is your project head, he scolds you a lot, why do you want to marry him. Anand asks are you dating someone. He says I m your brother and friend also, tell me, are you dating Madhav. Kanku says yes, he is my senior in the school, we like each other a lot, I love him.

She says sorry Anandi, I didn’t tell this to you before. Anandi says its okay, you love like I love my dad and brother. Kanku says no, this is different, its like dreams, when you think about someone day and night, he leaves a smile on your face when he isn’t with you. Anandi says I feel this seeing the sweets. Kanku tells more about her love. Anand smiles. He says wow Kanku di, this is beautiful, why didn’t you take part in poetry competition, you would have won. Anandi thinks I feel scared seeing Jigar. Anand asks Kanku to show her boyfriend’s pic to him. She shows Madhav’s pic. He says wow, he is a smart dude, you should wait and marry him. He says he had come here on diwali night as the servant, yes, is he the one, did he come to meet you. Kanku nods. He says how romantic, nice. Jigar comes and takes the phone. He says he is our school guy Madhav, you want to marry him, what will happen if everyone knows.

Kanku says I like him, but doesn’t want to marry at this time. Jigar scolds Anand. Anand says relax. Anandi asks Jigar to help Kanku. Jigar says no, we should not get into this. Kanku asks him to help her. He says never. She says you are my brother, you are selfish, you don’t think of anyone, at least Anand is thinking about me. Jigar says Anand you are responsible for this. He goes. Anandi stops him. She says listen to me carefully. He says don’t support Anand, you are my wife, you should just support me. She says Kanku doesn’t want to marry. He goes. She prays for Kanku. She goes to Sejal. She says Kanku doesn’t want to marry, why are you forcing her, she is crying a lot. Diwari scolds her. Maadi Baa comes and asks did Kanku ask you to say this. Anandi says no, I thought of this. Maadi baa says don’t think anything, don’t try to change anything, everything should be good, the guy’s family should say yes for the alliance. Sejal says okay. Anandi thinks how will I help Kanku now.

Voiceover: When the elders don’t have the answer for the kids’ questions, then they try to shut up the kids by their , but the questions make a place in the heart of the kids forever.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Amena

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