Balika Vadhu Season 2 20th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Anand gives the good news to Anandi

Balika Vadhu Season 2 20th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anand arguing with Bhairavi about Anandi. He says you couldn’t shelter Anandi for a day. Bhairavi asks him to forget Anandi, its enough of the drama. He says you can make me out of this house too, like you ousted Anandi, I won’t stop caring for Anandi, I m sorry. Anandi is at her place. The light goes. She lights some candles. She goes to check the fuse. Anand comes to meet her. She gets scared. They go and sit to have a talk. She asks him to listen to his parents, they are a treasure, he is lucky to get that treasure. She says all the problems get easy when we have parents. He says your parents are still with you, you got courage to fight the case. She says yes, but the court wants a proof, did you get any proof in Devgarh. He says no. She asks what will I do now. He asks what can I do, befriend Jigar, your problem will be less. She asks are you saying this. She cries. He says yes. She says all my hopes ended. He says I was joking, I got this. He shows the marriage video proof. She asks where did you get this. FB shows Sheela asking the lady to help Anand. Sheela says I have seen his love for that girl, he isn’t my son, but he is someone’s son, Gauri help him, its our duty to help our village girl, else one more Sheela will roam helplessly, help him for my sake. Gauri says I m ready to come to the court. Anand says thanks Kaki, I will come to take you. FB ends. Anandi says thanks Anand, you did a lot for me. He says thank Sheela, she helped you, I felt like meeting…. I felt good, I have two good news, child marriage is illegal, we have the proof, this marriage happened in the truck, it can’t be done on a moving surface, its null and void, you are still single, anyone can like you. She asks really, thanks for making my way. He says Kaki is ready to come to the court and give the statement. She asks what, seriously. She goes to hug him and stops.

She says thanks, ask me anything, I want to do something for you from my heart. He asks for her hand. Saara jag…plays… They have a moment. He gives her a gift. He says my emotions are also connected with yours, I didn’t feel this for anyone, I get happy when you are happy, I get worried when you get worried. She looks at him. He says I want to see you happy, take care of you and fight with you, I want to convince you with love, I want to love you immensely, I want to give you the respect which a guy gives to a girl in a relation, I love you Anandi. He dreams of this.

She asks what happened, say something, don’t you want to become my friend, why are you so shy. Anand says I will go now. He leaves. She talks to her parents’ pic. She gets Usha’s call. Usha says I have taken tomorrow’s date, don’t know what Jigar would have done, its a good news. Anandi asks really. Usha says yes, I used my contacts and took the date, when you said you have the proof. Anandi thanks her. Usha says make sure the witness comes on time and doesn’t back off. Anandi says yes, we have a video proof. Usha says just the video proof isn’t enough, make sure that Gauri is also there, I want to win this case any how. Anandi says yes, I will talk to Anand. She calls Anand.

Its morning, Gauri says I m scared of the court, I don’t want to go. Sheela says don’t be scared, everything will be fine. Gauri says you also come with me. Sheela asks how can I go. Anand asks her to come along. Someone comes there and cuts the wires in the car. Anandi prays. She calls Anand and asks did you leave from there. He says yes, be alert of Jigar. She says I will, you also take care. Anand drives the car. Anandi comes to the court. Usha asks about the witness. Anandi says Anand will get him. Jigar says you can’t win. Usha asks will Anand come on time. Anandi says yes, don’t worry. Usha says we won’t get more time from the judge. Anandi says he will come.

Anand’s car breaks down. He says there is no mechanic around. Sheela asks what will we do now. Anandi waits for Anand. She says he should have come by now. Bhairavi and Mehul also come to the court and get seated. Bhairavi says I m scared that Jigar will tell the truth to Anand in his frustration. Usha says judge will come now, where is Anand, we can’t make her wait. Anandi says I will call. Judge comes. She says court won’t wait for any witness today, you start with whatever you have.
Anand proposes Anandi for marriage. Jigar comes clapping. Jigar and Anand fight. Jigar falls down and gets electrocuted. They get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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