Balika Vadhu Season 2 19th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Prem ji’s stern demand to Khim ji

Balika Vadhu Season 2 19th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anandi coming to the storeroom and is about to open the lock. Jigar comes there and takes keys from her hand. Anandi gets scared. He asks her not to fear and says why you are going inside. Anandi says to get kadai. Jigar says I understood and says we will go inside together to get kadai, none of us will get scared. He opens the storeroom and asks her to come. Anandi steps inside scared and recalls the horror she had faced there. Jigar switches on the lights and asks her not to get scared. He finds the big kadai and says how you will take it alone. They both hold it and take it to the kitchen. Diwari asks Ratan to see how good they look together. Ratan thanks Jigar. Jigar goes. Diwari asks Anandi if she didn’t tell about mangalsutra incident. Ratan asks Anandi why you didn’t tell. Anandi says I don’t tell you when teacher scolds or punishes me, Maadi Baa also punished me and gave me a learning so that I can learn. She says I didn’t know that I shall tell you. Diwari says she is a small girl. We shall make food. Later Anandi takes the plates from the dining table. Ratan notices her. Maadi Baa asks Sejal and Anandi to have food, as everyone had the food already. Diwari says now bahus can eat. Ratan sits at Anandi’s bedside and recalls everything. She says you have bear so much, but didn’t tell us. She says when did you grow up? She says we have lived for others’ happiness, now nothing is important than your happiness. Next day, Ratan is packing their bag. Khim ji asks if we will be leaving today. Ratan thinks she shall not tell him now, and tells that they shall not stay here. Khim ji says we can’t stay here longer. Ratan says Anandi is missing school and Kalpesh is alone there. Maadi Baa asks Prem ji to tell Samdhi and Samdhan that Anandi will stay in her sasural now. Anandi plays ball hitting on the wall. Jigar comes there and takes the ball. He says even you are playing alone. Anandi says Gopal is not here, and you will not play with me. Jigar says I will come, can we play. He asks her to wait. Kanku tells Anandi that they will go to the food shop after some days. Anandi says I am not staying for many days and has to return to devgarh. Kanku asks her to stay for few more days. Anandi says I will leave surely. Khim ji asks Sejal about Prem ji. Prem ji says I am here. He comes there with Maadi Baa. Khim ji tells Maadi Baa that they never thought that Moti Baa will go like this and says God shall give her peace and strength to you all. He asks Diwari and Lakha Kumar to have patience, and says the testing time will be over. He hugs Prem ji and says you are strength of the house, asks him to take care of Babu ji. Prem ji says you are right, we try not to let the dear ones go away from us. Khim ji says we will leave for Devgarh today itself. I am with you always, don’t forget this. He asks Ratan to call Anandi. Prem ji says I didn’t give permission to take Anandi from here. Khim ji and Ratan are shocked. Khim ji says we are going to Devgarh and Anandi will go with us. He asks him not to talk about letting Anandi stay here for few days. Prem ji says Anandi will stay here in her sasural now.

Jigar, Kanku and Anandi come out. Anandi sees the stapoo game drawn, and tells that they shall play this game. Jigar refuses to play girl’s game. Kanku says I will play. Khim ji asks Prem ji what are you saying and asks Maadi Baa to make him understand. Maadi Baa says Prem ji is right. Ratan asks Sejal to tell Prem ji that this was not decided. Maadi Baa asks Sejal not to interfere. She says Anandi is married to Jigar, and her gauna happened too. She is now our bahu. Khim ji says it happened for moti baa’s wish. Prem ji says Baa went. Khim ji says so will you betray your friend. Maadi Baa asks him to control his feelings and think wisely. Ratan says Prem ji bhai, you have betrayed us. Prem ji says I didn’t betray you, Anandi is my bhagyalakshmi and since she left, we are ruined, I will not let our destiny at stake by sending her. Khim ji says you are thinking about yourself, what about Anandi. Ratan says we had decided about their marriage before she was born, but that doesn’t mean that she has no right to live her life. She says we had trusted you and tied this ghatbandhan. Khim ji says I won’t let you rule your sayings and says Anandi will come to her sasural only after she turns 18. Maadi Baa says you shouldn’t have got her married then, now as the marriage happened, we want our bahu in our house for forever. Anandi is playing stapoo with Kanku, while Jigar sits and looks at them.

Voiceover: A lofty building of friendship, built on the foundation of trust, the edge of selfishness goes down even with the slightest blow.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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