Balika Vadhu Season 2 15th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Anandi and Sejal are punished


Balika Vadhu Season 2 15th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Diwari coming to Anandi and asks her not to think of going from here. Ratan asks who talks to little girl like this. Sejal says I will handle her, you take care of Anandi. Ratan says how she is treating my daughter. Sejal asks her not to talk to her and says I don’t want you to get insulted. Anandi thinks the diya is lighting well, what is the need to take care of it. Jigar and Kalpesh have the jalebi sitting there and enjoy. Anandi thinks to eat jalebi, but thinks Goddess is watching everything, so can’t watch. Jigar tells Anandi that he will have jalebi of her share too. Kalpesh says you can’t eat as much as Anandi, and says even I will eat. Sejal scolds them and they leave. Anandi says she is very hungry and asks can she eat one jalebi. Sejal says no. Diwari comes there and scolds Anandi. Ratan gets angry. Khim ji takes her from there. Diwari takes sejal to make prasad. Anandi feels stomach pain and cries. She asks Goddess if she will feel bad, if she eats jalebi..

Anandi does the puja. Baa appreciates Anandi for doing the puja well. Diwari gives her water and asks her to drink. Anandi takes water and drinks. She says teacher said in school that stomach gets filled with water. Diwari tells Khim ji and Ratan that Anandi has good qualities as she is sarvagun sampan. Ratan cries. Khim ji asks her to tell what happened. Anandi says we did Gorani puja before Anandi was born. Today it happened here with her hand. She is so small and did difficult puja. Khim ji asks who will help her, if you stay hungry. He asks Ratan to have a bit. Ratan wishes the food beats Anandi’s hunger. Anandi talks to the goddess and says she is feeling bored and sleepy. Diwari thinks this girl will eat the goddess’s mind. Anandi folds her hands and goes from there. Diwari sees her going and comes to the diya. She sits near the temple and blows the lamp. Sejal asks Baa to take rest and says everything is doing well. Prem ji also asks her to rest. Diwari comes to Baa and says lamp is set off, Anandi is not there. Sejal says Anandi is there. Diwari says Anandi is not there. She shows that the diya is set off and finds it lighting. Sejal says it is lighting. Ratan recalls lighting the lamp. Prem ji says you scared us. Diwari asks where is she? Sejal says she will come. Anandi returns and sits, tells that she went to bathroom. Prem ji asks her to take care of diya and goes. Diwari asks Anandi to take her permission and go wherever she wants to. She thinks how this diya is lighted again.

Later Anandi thinks she is sure goddess is happy with her puja and hopes she gets the food. A guy comes there. Diwari says Bua ji came, and he will complete our puja now. They take his blessings. The guy bent down before the goddess. Ratan comes to Anandi. The guy sits and acts as if he is possessed by the Goddess. He wears goddess’s chunari. Anandi questions Ratan. Ratan says goddess will come inside him. The guy starts shaking and gets up. He starts shaking up more. The villagers think the goddess came in him and fold their hands before him and take his blessings. Sejal says I wish our prayers reached you. The guy says how can I be happy, your puja didn’t reach me, someone has done the mistake. Sejal looks at Anandi. Anandi thinks diya is lighting. Sejal says this thing shall not happen, but forgive us if we do any mistake. The guy says I will not bear the mistake in puja, this is a sin. Anandi comes near the guy and touches him. She asks how did you know that the puja’s vidhi went wrong, you came just now. The guy says I am Devi, how can you question me, now you have to do penance.

The possessed guy asks Anandi to do penance and says even your saas has to do penance. Diwari asks the possessed guy to have pity on her. The possessed guy tells that Anandi and her saas have to grind green moong dal all night and have to make khichdi for me early morning. Anandi says I didn’t eat since morning. The guy says you can’t eat until you complete your penance.

Voiceover: Blind beliefs and malpractices make understanding irrational and make emotion void. Such an understanding can never differentiate between right and wrong.

Precap: Anandi asks the godness, why she is punished when she didn’t do anything wrong. She giants and falls down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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