Balika Vadhu Season 2 14th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Anand helps Anandi

Balika Vadhu Season 2 14th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anandi coming in front of Anand. He gets shocked seeing her with sindoor and mangalsutra. He says you here in this state, and this sindoor. Anandi says help and faints. He holds her. Maadi baa gets angry and says Anandi has run away on her wedding night. Everyone tries to find Anandi. Jigar gets Kanku’s call. He says I will find her. He says she can’t do much far from her fate. Anand lifts Anandi and takes her to the car. Meethi looks on. Anandi’s sindoor gets on his hands. They leave. Jigar reaches there. Anand asks driver to take them to the hospital fast. Meethi follows their car. He gets Bhairavi’s call. She asks did you reach the airport. He says no, there is a big problem, I m going to city hospital, come there with NGO workers. Anand asks the nurse to call the doctor fast. He scolds her. Doctor asks what happened. Anand says she fainted, check her. Doctor checks Anandi. Jigar’s friend is also there. He sees Anandi and calls Jigar.

He says Anandi is in the hospital. Doctor asks how did she get hurt. Anand says don’t know, she was running on the road and fainted in front of my car. She says okay, we will see. Anand says I m with you, nothing will happen to you. Halla halla…plays…

Doctor says we have to do some tests, everything will be fine. Anandi gets treated. Doctor says we will get reports in some time, maybe she fainted due to stress, fill the forms at reception. Anand goes and asks for form. He fills the form. The nurse says you are her husband, right. Anand looks at her. Jigar comes and says she is my wife. Annad gets shocked. He asks how can you be her husband, she always gets away from you. Jigar signs the form. He asks what happened to my wife, did this guy do anything. Anand says I got her here, she was madly running on the road, like a wild animal is after her, what did you do with her. Jigar scolds him. He goes to see Anandi.

Anand says you forced her for marriage, right, so she was running. Jigar asks him to just go, don’t become a hero. Anand says you are worse than the villain, I saw how you treated her, you were torturing her, I have seen her bleeding feet, she didn’t stop. Jigar says you won’t change. They fight. Jigar’s family comes. Maadi baa scolds Anand. Kanku and everyone ask about Anandi. Anand says doctors are with her, her tests are going on. Sejal says I want to meet her. Anand says she was running and then fainted, when did her marriage happen. Maadi baa says its our family matter, thanks for getting Anandi here, we don’t want any favor now, go from here. Anand says I won’t go until Anandi reaches, I know someone forced her. Jigar catches his collar.

Police comes there. Inspector shouts stop. Bhairavi comes with the NGO ladies. Jigar and his family worry. Anand says Anandi is in trouble, she needs your help. Prem says its our family matter. Anand says I called the police, someone forced Anandi, they got her married to Jigar. Anand says I have called the police to get Anandi’s statement. Doctor says Anandi is hurt, she got a panic attack. Jigar worries. Sejal asks is there anything to worry. Doctor says no, she is very weak, don’t let her take any stress. Jigar says I will see her and come. Anand says wait, police and NGO workers will talk to her first. Maadi baa asks Jigar to stop. Jigar asks do I need their permission to meet my wife. The lady says yes, she got a panic attack, we will talk to her first. Prem say she is like our daughter, her parents passed away, she is our responsibility now. Bhairavi says let them do the work, why to get scared when we did nothing wrong, right Maadi baa. Maadi baa nods.

Anandi washes her face. She recalls whatever Jigar did. Her inner self asks her will she go back to Jigar. Anandi says I promised to keep this marriage. Her inner self asks her to think of her esteem, Jigar is wrong. Anandi says his family took care of me till now. Her inner self says when you can fight for Kanku, why not for yourself. Nurse calls her out.

Anandi says I can say it in front of everything. Jigar worries.

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  1. Truth won’t come out so soon. Anandi has too much gratitude for jigar’s family so she will cover up this illegal marriage.

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