Balika Vadhu Season 2 13th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Anandi gets blamed

Balika Vadhu Season 2 13th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Diya saying Anand, Anandi and Jigar have the same scores, lets see who rules the sky. The competition goes on. Jigar’s friend makes Kiara fall down. Anand turns to see her. Jigar cuts Anand’s kite. He smiles. He says if you come in my way, then you will get cut off. Anandi says I will have fun to break your ego. Anand helps Anandi. She cuts Jigar’s kite and shouts Kai po che. She says I told you, there is no thread that can cut my flight, you have to see more such defeats, I won’t stop. He says I will have fun in cutting your wings. He leaves. Anand makes her smile.

Bhairavi says this is happening because of Jigar. Maadi baa says no, its happening because of Anand, Jigar showed us the proof. Bhairavi says fine, take your Anandi and leave from here. Maadi baa says Anandi is not ours, she broke the relation with us, we are pretending good, police may arrest us. Anandi says no, nothing will happen to you all. Maadi baa says thank you very much, you aren’t sending us to jail, don’t act good. Mehul says media left, you all pack your bags and leave from here. Prem says Mehul… Mehul says enough, no friendship now, Jigar has attacked Anand, I m silent because of the media event and tolerated you all, if anyone sees my son then… Maadi baa says you came in your real colours. Mehul says Jigar started spoiling this relation. Maadi baa says wrong, Anand provoked Anandi. He says you are saying wrong, you are paying for your mistakes, you got Anandi’s child marriage done, its good that this matter is over, go from here. She says we shall leave now. Prem says thanks Anandi for doing this. She says Anandi, our relation is over now, you broke the relation with Jigar. Anandi says I didn’t end my relation with you all, you are my family. Maadi baa says you didn’t regard us your family. Jigar comes and asks what is your problem, come with me. Prem says go and sit in the car. Jigar says don’t get mistaken to think its my defeat, the battle isn’t over. Anandi stops Prem and cries. She says our relation is special, you used to love me a lot, my relation can end with Jigar, not with my Kaku. Prem says you were my daughter, because you were Jigar’s wife, now we have no relation. She recalls his words. He says you can become my daughter if you leave this stubbornness, you have to fight this battle alone, thanks for saving us from going to jail. Prem and Sejal leave. Bhairavi asks Anandi to leave. She says I won’t interfere in your case, you can’t stay here. Anand says this is not fair, she won’t go anywhere. She says its my final decision, Anandi won’t stay here. He says please don’t do this to me, I told her that I will support her. She says you won’t talk to her again. He asks why. She says I told you what I had to, if Anandi is more imp to you then… He says wow, its about payback, whatever happened was your choice, not mine. She says fine, I will give you a choice today, if you regard me my mom, then swear on me, you will not meet Anandi, if she is more imp, then go to her, I will not stop you. Anandi packs her bags. Anand looks on and thinks sorry. Anandi thinks I can understand your situation. She leaves.

Prem asks Jigar to tell them that the video was fake. Jigar worries. Maadi baa asks Prem to trust his son. Jigar says Anandi has done what she wanted, we have to think how to get her back. Sejal asks shall I talk to her. He says no, I will decide it. Prem says let it be. Maadi baa says Jigar is right. Sejal says I think we shall end this matter here. Maadi baa says I think you both should shut up. Prem and Sejal leave. Maadi baa asks will Anandi send us to jail, are you not in tension, Bhairavi promised that she won’t help Anandi. Jigar says Anandi has no support system, Anand should help her. She asks what do you mean.

Anandi calls Kalpesh. She says call isn’t connecting, I shouldn’t lose, I just have some money, I will find a hostel and then a job. She fels cold. She covers herself with the shawl. She says this night shall pass some way. She sees a temple. She goes to pray. A car comes. She turns to see.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Amena

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