Balika Vadhu 9th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 9th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nimboli waking up in the night and imagines laddoo and fruits. She thinks she has to do something as she is hungry. She goes to kitchen and is about to switch on the light, but then stops and takes a lamp instead. Akhira Singh asks his wife to wake up and give him water. Nimboli searches for food. Akhira Singh’s wife gets up and goes towards the kitchen. Nimboli opens the boxes and finally gets the laddoo box. Just then she sees Akhira singh’s wife coming there and blows the lamp.

Nimboli gets tensed and hides under the kitchen cabinet. Akhira Singh’s wife takes water and leaves. Nimboli takes a sigh of relief and comes out. She finally eats the laddoos.

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Ganga recalls Jagya giving her explanation that he was free when Shivam called him. Ganga thinks Jagya should not have scolded Abhi like that. Jagya comes to his room and sleeps. Next morning, Anandi writes letter to Amol saying she is sending a parcel for him. She asks him to share sweets with his friends too. She writes that she would have hug him tightly and misses him. She thinks time forced her to stay away from Amol. She reminiscences getting a call from Amol’s biological mother asking her to send Amol as her ailing husband wants to spend sometime with him. Anandi and Amol meet them. Amol’s mother asks Anandi to let Amol stay with them for some more time. Anandi agrees. She says I let you stay there. You grew closer to them. It was not wrong because they gave you birth. They shifted to Dubai along with you. I didn’t stop you, but misses you.

Anandi says you are my first child and will remain the same. Akhira Singh’s wife serves food for Kundan. She thinks to put laddoo in the plate and then sees it empty. She sees a lamp there and opines Nimboli must have eaten it. She gets angry. Nimboli is seen with Chagani while the latter is drying her clothes. Nimboli laughs. Chagani asks why you are laughing. Nimboli says she enjoys when the water droplets falls on her. Chagani says crazy girl. Nimboli sees sunrays coming in the room through the holes, and starts dancing happily. Akhira Singh’s wife come there and sees her enjoying and dancing. She brings burning coal and stops Nimboli. She burns her legs and hands. Nimboli shouts and runs. She hides behind Chagani. Akhira Singh’s wife tells her that she had stolen the laddoos. Nimboli says she just ate it. Chagani requests her to leave Nimboli. Akhira Singh’s wife she won’t leave her and burns Chagani’s hand. Nimboli hugs her.

Anandi asks Ganga about Abhi. She says I will talk to him. Anandi says Abhi might be tensed. She apologizes to her on Shivam’s behalf. Ganga says Jagya said right, it is my responsibility to give good values to Abhi. Anandi says you seem to be tensed. If there is anything, you can tell me. Ganga says she is thinking to live with the change and assures everything is fine.

Anandi comes to Shiv’s Niketan. A woman tells her about Dadisaa supervising everything. Anandi says Dadisaa is a very strict administration head. She lights the lamp and do the puja. She sees Shiv’s photo. Nimboli puts an ointment on Chagani’s hand. Nimboli says she will apply on her hand and asks why did you save me. She scolds her for getting hurt instead. Chagani wipes her tears. She tells her that she is not having any burn itching. Chagani says let me apply ointment on your wound. Nimboli says she wants to get mark on her hand and shows the mark on her other hand saying Maa saa burnt her other hand before. She shows her hands and says both hands have same marks. Chagani cries and hugs her.

Akhira Singh’s wife stops Nimboli and asks her to take Kundan’s school bag.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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