Balika Vadhu 8th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 8th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Outside BH in jeep :-

DS takes Gehna inside and instructs MK to look after the kids and catch the snake , N says that he will come too but DS says NO , who will support M , Ab (Abhimanyu) and B (Bhairavi) ?
The jeep leaves while MK is with N who’s crying .

On the way / Hospital :-

DS tells Gehna not to sleep , she calls J and informs him that a snake bit Gehna and narrates everything with FBs . J is shocked , DS says that she’s bringing Gehna to hospital , J asks why did you do it ? By movement , the danger can increase ! DS says she didn’t knew that .

J says her to bring Gehna soon while he makes the arrangements .

Hospital :-

Gehna is made to lie on stretcher , G & DS accompany her while J is there too . Suddenly DS feels dizzy , G rushes to her . DS says she sucked out the poison .

ICU :-

The next moment both Gehna and DS are unconscious and receiving treatment , the atmosphere is fully tensed up . The Staff waits outside . J gives an injection to DS .

DS opens her eyes and asks about Gehna , G says Gehna is in sleep but she is out of danger . JaGan say that she made them really scared . J informatively says DS that she shouldn’t made Gehna to move as it can be dangerous and says the bitten part shouldn’t be held up as poison will spread in whole body and adds that the wound could’ve been infected as DS sucked out blood with her mouth which contains bacteria .

DS says she didn’t knew all this , she is relieved that everyone are alright and says that she must find out whether the snake is caught or not ? J calls MK who informs that with the help of few men , the snake is caught .

DS is astonished and asks they killed the snake ? J says no , they left it in the jungle .

KB , Clinic :-

A asks the doc about the reports , doc gives it to her . A sees it and the report “Cocaine test” . Doc says that by the test he found out that there’s cocaine present in her blood . A is shocked , doc asks did she recently took any drugs or any intoxicating thing ?

BH :-

Everyone are back , G brings water , DS asks MK about kids , he says Ab and B are asleep upstairs while N and M are together . DS is really concerned about Gehna and makes her sit comfortably . Gehna says that she shouldn’t be worried about her as she is stable .

DS says but she isn’t and says everyone in this house needs her very much including herself . Gehna says that she will never leave them and go anywhere . N comes to Gehna , he hugs her and cries . When he’s asked to leave Gehna , he says he wont leave her as she will also leave like his dad left them .

Gehna says she will never ever leave him and this is a known fact that even Basant is aware of it .


KB :-

Everyone are present , CM asks A how its possible to get cocaine traces in A’s blood . Daddu says he cant believe it . Alok says the reports are accurate but even A cant be accused of doing drugs .

Shiv comes there , he tells them its not the time to worry , its the find to find out that from where drugs entered in A’s body . He asks whether she eats anything from outside ? A says he knows she doesn’t like outside food , she only eats samosas from a shop , that too sometimes . Shiv says that the samosas and our house flour will be tested to know the truth . AnSh leave.

Dayanand’s shop :-

The quack (dayanand) is selling ‘medicine’ to someone , DB comes there hiding her face , the quack thinks oh here comes the old lady , i must do some new drama to fool her .

As he sees DB , he ferofies his face , DB asks why he did that ? DN (Quack) says that he only sells his medicines to those who have faith in his treatment and here her DIL (A) is being sent to clinic to detect the illness .

DB says it wasn’t in her hands but she trusts him and tells him to give 4-5 packets of ‘kolarisht basm’ . He gives her .

On the way :-

A asks Shiv whether they are doing right by accusing such a famous and well known shop ? Shiv says they aren’t accusing , they will enter there like normal customers , buy samosas and send them to lab for test .


BH , Gehna’s room :-

Gehna is in bed , she is coughing violently . N rushes and gives her water . N tells her lie down , Gehna says she cant lie in bed , she has many chores to do and also should do her accounting work and adds she is alright now .

N isn’t ready to listen and says no , he said she wont do anything and that’s final . DS comes there , she supports N and says he’s not doing anything wrong as she really needs rest . DS says J is vidayak , G look afters the hospital , Gehna took the accounting work , only she’s left who does nothing except idling .

Gehna tells her not to talk like this as whatever they are now its because of her efforts . DS tells Gehna to rest , she goes and gazes at Gehna .

VO :-

When a successful person is left without work , depression makes them to lose confidence in themselves .

Precap :-
BH :-
DS is teary eyed , she says with full josh that she wants to be useful for something .
KB :-
Shiv says that there’s no cocaine present in the tests and it shows negative results , Daddu wonders and says then how cocaine entered A’s body ?

Update Credit to: -Have.a.dream-

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  1. whats with the abbreviation. you are making it hard for us to understand. be clear, gehna, ganga, dadisaa, anandi. please! thank u for the update.

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