Balika Vadhu 8th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 8th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shiv telling his family about the situation of the collapsed building, etc. Anandi comes and offers him ginger tea. She asks where is Amol? Shiv is shocked and realizes that he didn’t pick him from school. He tells Anandi that he forgot to pick Amol from school. Anandi gets shocked. Het Singh comes to the police station. Inspector says, I feel sorry for your son’s death. Het Singh says, he wants to meet Kalyani Devi. Inspector permits. He enters the meeting room and looks angrily at her.

Dadisaa says, I understand what are you feeling now. She says, I didn’t want to take your son’s life. It was unintentional. I didn’t know how I shoot at him. Het Singh holds her by her neck and presses it to kill her. Dadisaa feels difficulty in breathing and is about to stop breathing, just then Jagya, Bhairov, Basant come there and ask him to leave Dadisaa. Basant beats Het Singh and asks how dare he tried to kill his mom. Inspector comes and asks the constables to take Het Singh.

Anandi tells Shiv, how he can be so careless about Amol. She calls Amol’s friends’ moms and enquire about him. Just then Amol comes. Shiv apologizes to Amol. Amol says, it is ok. Ravi’s dad came to drop me. Ravi’s dad says, I was constantly calling Anandi ji, but her phone was busy. Ravi leaves in his car. Shiv says sorry to Anandi. Anandi goes angrily with Amol.

Basant worries for Dadisaa. Dadisaa asks him about Gulli. Jagya says, we saved her life, but she went in coma. Dadisaa closes her eyes in pain. She says, I couldn’t save her. Bhairov says, you saved her respect. Don’t worry she will be fine. Jagya asks, how did it happen? Dadisaa tells them about seeing Sooraj trying to molest Gulli. She shot at him to save her. She says, I didn’t want to take his life. Basant says, whatever you did is to save Gulli. You are not guilty.

Dadisaa says, truth can never be changed. I took someone’s life. I am ready to get punished. Bhairov asks, can we take her home on bail. Inspector refuses. Basant says, he won’t let his mom stay in the police station anymore. Dadisaa says, he is right. She asks Jagya to win in the election. Jagya refuses to contest in the election. She says, I won’t force you, but whatever happened with Gulli can happen with any girl. Bhairov says, Jagya will contest in the elections and will win too. You will be with us to guide him. Dadisaa prays for the good to happen.

Outside the police station, Het Singh attacks Jagya. Bhairov and Basant free him. Jagya tries to fight with him. Het Singh says, my son got killed. His goons ask him to win the election and take revenge from Badi haveli. Het Singh asks Jagya to count backwards and says first one is Kalyani Devi. They get angry.

Ira tells Amol that she was scared. Amol says, I am fine. Daddu asks him to keep their phone numbers so that he can call them whenever needed. Amol nods in a yes. Buaji says, I don’t know what happens with the elders of this house. They make an issue. Anandi apologizes to buaji and says I will go with Amol always. I won’t hope with anyone to take care of him. Shiv feels bad.

People gossip about Dadisaa killing Het Singh’s son. Het Singh asks his goons to kill Gulli.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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